District has crises policy in place


In the wake of recent events, questions are being asked about what would happen in Mobridge-Pollock Schools, if there was a threat of immediate danger to the safety of students.

The district has a crisis policy plan in place that addresses a number of incident scenarios and the response to each. Officials on site could modify the responses to a crisis at each building to fit a particular incident.

The specifics of each plan are contingent on the situation and something the district practices.

According to Mobridge-Pollock Superintendent Tim Frederick, recent new construction was designed with the protection of students in mind. The doors are locked from the start of the school day until the students leave. No one can enter the building without going through the office areas.

He said the buildings are safer but there are still options to be considered in making children and parents confident of their safety in school.

“We are being more diligent in following through on present policy and processes that are put in place to make sure that we are as prepared as one can possibly be for all and any crisis that may occur,” Frederick said. “We, as a school district, will continue to work with all stakeholders to improve the comprehensive school district emergency management plan.”

A camera system monitors all of the schools. It allows law enforcement to be able to pinpoint any area of the schools should it be necessary.

The district will schedule drills to make the staff and students aware of the actions to be taken in each type of emergency scenario.

– Katie Zerr –


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