Customer service is ultimate goal

By Katie Zerr

Changes to the structure of the sales department at the Mobridge Tribune and Reminder will mean a revamped way of doing business in the community.

Owner/Publisher Larry Atkinson and General Manager Linda Meyer created a sales department geared toward complete customer service for retail customers and subscribers.

“We created this team in order to serve our customers and community better,” said Meyer, who was recently promoted to general manager from the sales manager position. “We felt we were not providing the service they deserve and wanted to provide them with every avenue to fulfill their advertising needs.”

Filling Meyer’s spot in the sales department is Haden Bowie. Bowie is the marketing and circulation manger. She is in charge of managing the sales force and subscriptions and delivery of both papers.

She will also provide support for the sales team and be the retail customer contact at the Tribune-Reminder office.

As circulation manager Bowie will handle any subscription problem with both papers.

Subscription customers may contact her at and retail customers may contact her at

Two recent additions to the sales staff are Monica Vargas and Tito Arguella.

Vargas will be a member of the sales force and will work with customers on their weekly advertising needs. She will also be a part of the team that sells special promotions and section ads for retail customers.

Arguella is the online media director at the Tribune and is in charge of developing new websites for the three newspapers owned by Bridge City Publishing: the Tribune-Reminder, the Potter County News and the West River Eagle.

He is in charge of making the websites more streamlined, user friendly, and more community interactive. In addition to creating the websites, Arguella will be selling advertising on the websites.

“Our goal in the redesign of our websites is when residents want news or information from our area, our websites will be the place to go,” said Atkinson. “We want our websites to be the community’s bulletin board, with more breaking news, news videos and streamlined live videos. The websites will be our daily news and information portals.”

Vargas and Arguella join the sales team of Darrell Gill, Phyllis Keszler and Lesley Fischer.

“We want to hear feedback from the community about the service we provide,” said Meyer. “I want people to contact me with their problems or with comments about these changes. I will return all calls.”

Meyer can be contacted by email at

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