Konold provides Rotarians with ice fishing tourney facts


By Peg Wunder

Jesse Konold gave a brief synopsis about the upcoming fishing tournament giving some facts that not everyone may have heard about when Rotary met on Monday, Jan. 7. The tourney is filled with 500 teams, but if any team notifies the Chamber that they cannot come, a team is drawn from the waiting list. The tournament starts at Scherr-Howe Event Center on Thursday, Jan. 9, running from 3 p.m. until 9 p.m. Admission is $5, which also puts that person into a drawing; and Friday events start at 11 a.m. and go until 3 p.m.  The rules meeting will be held Friday evening.
Some facts that Konold shared with the Rotarians are that approximately $175,000 will be spent in Mobridge during the fishing tournament weekend. Entry is $l25 for the tournament but those slots offered on eBay, which included motels rooms, went for $600 to $800. The prizes, including cash, will exceed $175,000 and will probably exceed $180,000 by this week-end. Currently, there are 30 sponsors but that may also increase by the weekend. Many of these sponsors donate prizes or in some cases offer prize items at below market cost. Leonard Linde asked if the $20,000 fishing shack came with a hot tub.
Jesse emphasized that Mobridge is a fishing tournament with one of the main rules being that the fishermen must stay in the 22-mile area. In that area the fisherman can fish where they want and are responsible for drilling their own holes, which is not the case in a fishing derby.
A vehicle called a snow bear will be coming in from Minnesota. This vehicle is equipped with skis on the front and tracks in the back.  At least two television stations will be covering the event.  On Facebook, the hits have been averaging 7,000 a week.
President Harley Overseth announced that Rick Cain won the Dec. 17 Monday Night Football and Taylor Brekke won on Dec. 24.
The Rotary Classic was very successful with girls’ teams from Dupree, Sunshine Bible Academy, Timber Lake, Little Wound, St. Francis Indian School, Tiospaye Topa, Herreid-Selby and Mobridge-Pollock. The boy’s teams were from Tiospaya Topa, Edmunds Central, Timber Lake, St. Francis Indian School, Dupree, Herreid-Selby, Little Wound and Mobridge-Pollock. Coaches and referees appreciated the hospitality room and the food served.
Overseth announced that the Rotary Leadership Conference will be held in Pierre. There will be three one-day sessions over three months. Anyone interested in attending this conference should contact Overseth for details.
Overseth announced that he had received a letter from the Brookings Rotary asking if Mobridge was interested in joining with them to provide solar ovens for Haiti.
Linda Meyer was not present to claim the 50/50 pot.  Bruce Brekke will host the program next week when Rotary meets at noon on Monday.

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