LYNN HOLZWARTH: Name change has several reasons


(Editor’s note: The following is the second part of the president of Friends of Scherr-Howe Lynn Holzwarth’s column)

The first thing the committee did was to ask the city council to change the name from Scherr-Howe Arena to Scherr-Howe Event Center, which the council approved. This name change helps to focus on the idea that Scherr-Howe is a multi-use facility available for a wide range of community activities including cultural, business, social and sporting events. In reality it is a building that can host almost any event. The name change will also convey a more accurate description of the building usage when applying for grants.

At this time not all needs for the event center have been assessed but the most pressing needs we are pursuing areinstalling handicapped accessible restrooms on the main floor, restoration of the murals and completing the upgrading of the stage lighting. Grants are being written and submitted to help us achieve these goals.

The other major responsibility of our committee is to bring high quality entertainment to the event center for the enjoyment and cultural enrichment of our community and surrounding area. All profits from these events will be used for the restoration, improvement and maintenance of Scherr-Howe Event Center.

We have booked several events in the next three months that should be real crowd pleasers and look to our community to support these events by their attendance. These events include a joint effort with the Chamber of Commerce on Jan. 29 for the Williams & Ree Concert. The Northern State University Symphonic Band will perform on Thursday, Feb.2. On Feb. 14, we will have a special Valentine concert/dance by the Sergeant Rock Band of the South Dakota National Guard. On March 26, the Dominant 7 from Northern State University will perform. The Harlem Ambassadors, a basketball exhibition will play a game versus a team composed of area ball players. Other events will be scheduled throughout the year. Watch for announcements in the local papers and radio stations.

Our board meetings are held the second Tuesday of the month at 5:30 p.m. at City Hall.

Everyone is welcome to attend our meetings and we would welcome any and all volunteers who wish to help achieve our goals. We can be reached through the city administrator or any board member. You can also find us on or on the web at

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