JAY DAVIS: Lucky me, I get to don green and gold


If you want to point and laugh, go ahead. You see, I’ll be sporting a Green Bay Packers jersey while webcasting when the Lady Tigers host the Cheyenne-Eagle Butte Braves on Saturday at Mobridge-Pollock High School Gymnasium.

I made the bet when I (and everyone else) thought that Christian Ponder was going to be lining up at quarterback for the Vikings on Saturday. Chances are I would have lost the bet anyway, but hey, a man has to stand up for his team.

Here’s the rub on this bet, though. I thought I had made this same bet with a co-worker a week ago. Well, nearly the same bet, except it was just wearing the opposition’s jersey at work one day. I won’t name this co-worker (rhymes with Rain Rockman) so his or her identity won’t have to be let out.

So anyway, what happened in week 17? Oh yeah, the Vikings beat the Packers! I brought a nice Vikings jersey for “Rain” to wear at work on Thursday, but my co-worker would have none of it. He/she claimed we never shook on the bet. The quote was something like this, “You Vikings fans, we didn’t even shake on the bet, but as soon as you win, you act like it was a real bet or something.”

Being a sane and respectable Vikings fan, I simply shrugged it off and placed a new wager on the playoff game, knowing full well the odds were against me winning. By the way, had the Vikings pulled off the upset, he/she would have had to wear a Vikings jersey to his/her Super Bowl party.

You already know the outcome of the game and you now know I’ll be sporting a Packers jersey on Saturday.

But here’s a little more to the story. Remember how I respectfully and quietly waited until Thursday to put the Vikings jersey in my co-worker’s office and didn’t raise a ruckus when he/she refused to own up and don the purple and gold?

Well, I walk out of an early morning meeting Monday to find not only a Packers jersey already draped across my chair in my office, but also a white and silver Aaron Rogers jersey, with bedazzling all over the front, hanging in my office window!

And, of course, that certain Packers fan right behind me, proud as a peacock that his/her Packers were able to beat the Vikings, who were playing with a quarterback who had not played a single down during the entire regular season. By the way, if peacocks were green, yellow and white and smelled like beer and cheese, they wouldn’t be proud, they would just be peacocks.

Oh well, what do you do? Cheeseheads. Sheesh!

Collin Jensen:  Defending state champion Collin Jensen was coached by two-time state champion Bill Scherr at the Midlands Championships in Evanston, Ill., in late December. Jensen went 2-2 at the tournament with Bill in his corner. The pair will probably cross paths again as Collin is a red-shirt freshman at Bill’s alma mater, Nebraska.  I did receive some pictures from the event, but there were just too many things to cover in the sport section this week.

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