KATIE ZERR: Gun owners should speak for themselves


Listening to news networks and reading their websites is getting more and more difficult for any one who has a working brain.

Do we not learn anything from our mistakes? Are we so caught up in our own causes that we cannot see that off-the-cuff comments can cause a reaction that will mean more heartache and pain for Americans?

This is not about having an opinion or not being able to voice our opinion, but simply a request to engage our brains before we open our mouths.

Reports about people who were on the scene at Sandy Hook Elementary School helping children and others who were shot or shot at getting threats from so called “truthers” is the latest in a long line of disgusting examples of how what someone says can cause irreparable damage.

Just one example is the story of a retired psychologist who found six children huddled in his driveway the morning of the Sandy Hook School shooting and took the children into his home where he and his wife offered them comfort until authorities could be contacted.

These children had just watched their teacher and their friends be murdered by Adam Lanza. They were terrified and probably in shock. Gene Rosen helped those children at a time when there was no one else to comfort and reassure them that they were safe from Lanza.

But now Rosen and his wife are being harassed by so-called Sandy Hook Truthers. These are conspiracy theorists that believe that that facts about the massacre at the school are being covered up by the government and the media as part of an anti-gun plot.

That statement alone should make anyone with working brain stop and wonder how this can be possible.

The Rosens are getting emails and phone calls that are not direct threats, but accusations that he, “that emotional Jewish guy,” according to one white supremacist website, is lying and has been paid by the government to perpetuate their anti-gun scenario.

A photo of the Rosen’s home has been posted online and fake social network sites have been created in his name. He is the topic of blog sites that are calling him an actor who plays a role in a government-sponsored hoax.

According to one news report, a southern communications professor wrote on a blog “one is left to inquire whether the Sandy Hook shooting ever took place-at least the way law enforcement authorities and the nation’s media described.”

One Sandy Hook Truther version starts out saying “Isn’t something like Sandy Hook just what the government needs to start disarming the public so they don’t have to worry about people being a threat to them anymore?”

The grandfather who helped six children is described a Jewish pedophile actor being paid by the government as part of an elaborate plan to take guns out of the hands of Americans.

If this is an example of the type of people who are fighting any gun control legislation, then every free-thinking American, especially gun owners, should stand up and shout that these people do not represent their opinions on the matter.

Gun owners should stand up to the National Rifle Association’s attempts to make those who think some restrictions to ownership of automatic weapons is a valid solution out as the wing nuts of this debate and are the enemies those who own guns.

The fact that these people, who harass a grandfather who offered comfort to children who were terrified by what just happened to them, actually own guns should be a wake up call to all gun owners.

It is time that you spoke up for yourselves and not let the NRA and these extremists be your mouthpieces. Show this country that there are gun owners out there that are smart, responsible and willing to entertain a reasonable discussion about what can be done to stem this type of violence in our nation.

These discussions should include mental health issues, obviously, and solutions to prevent the people with real problems from owning guns built for the sole purpose of killing other people.

This should be the purpose of every responsible gun owner in this country.

– Katie Zerr –


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