Library addition nearly ready for books


A long time coming

As area residents watch the progress of the library building, the product of the work of many determined volunteers who are involved appear before their eyes.

Every brick that was laid and very shelve that was assembled is the result that work.

Tom Unterseher told the Mobridge City Council Monday, Jan 21 how pleasing it was for him to see the dream of a library addition finally come to fruition.

“I was so gratified today to walk through that library. My mom has been a part of that committee since the ‘80s. It has been going on a long time. About 12 or so years ago it really got going and to see those volunteers, now little old ladies get that done is really gratifying.”

Dogged determination can describe those who pushed to see a need for this community filled. The new 4,800-square foot addition is aq direct result of that determination. From the volunteer hours of research, planning, grant writing and fundraising, has sprung the new building with brightly colored walls, a community room, handicapped assessible restrooms and room for the all of books to be shelved.

Library Director Karla Bieber expressed gratitude to those who have worked tirelessly on the project and are still working to get the doors open as soon as possible.

“They were here last night scrubbing down the shelves,” she said. “Last week employees from the water department and street department brought the shelves out of storage for us and (city administrator) Steve Gasser and (councilman) Tom O’Connell helped us put them together.”

Lines and lines of empty shelves await the books as finishing touches are going all around the building. An opening date has yet to be set, but those who work in the library can’t wait to get started filling the shelves. Volunteers will help with that task also, according Bieber.


More space

The new building contains a new office area, the community room, room for 10 computers for public use, an area for teen materials, a large area for the check-out desk and even two water fountains.

“We didn’t have a water fountain in the old library,” said Bieber.

There is also a small break room for employees.

The children’s library will moved to the first floor and the vacated room in the basement will be used for extra meeting space and storage space for materials. The staff will need to “freshen up” the upstairs before moving the children’s library, she said. The children’s librarian will now have an office on the main floor, but Bieber said she would have to share the space with her supplies.

New furniture will need to be ordered, but until that can happen, Bieber said they would make do with what they currently have on hand.

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