Mobridge Boy Scouts present program on activities


By Peg Wunder

Tom Collignon introduced Mike Jerome, who brought Trace Rische and Tanner Jerome, to Mobridge Rotarians on Monday to update them on the activities of the local Boy Scout Troop.
Trace spoke a little about the activities of the Scouts in Mobridge, who meet the second and fourth Thursdays of every month at Trinity Lutheran Church. Last year the Scouts had a winter campout at Indian Creek, a summer campout at Lewis and Clark and a fall campout at Lake Hiddenwood. Some of the volunteer activities they do are cleaning one mile, both sides, of the road to the dump. They also spend time, among other things, picking up debris and litter along the walking trail. They have been working with Pastor Street to assist families who need help with chores. Tanner, who is about to become an Eagle Scout, talked about how the Scouts will continue with the volunteer activities and are planning a winter campout in February; and will attend camp at Lewis and Clark from July 7 through 14. They will continue to do ditch pickup of litter in the one-mile stretch on the road to the dump and the walking trail. They have started assisting the Girl Scouts and the Cub Scouts in their activities. Presently the Scouts are working with Brian Zahn on their bird watcher’s badge.
There are nine young men in the Boy Scouts with 15 adult leaders.  Every potential Scout leader must go through the Youth Protection Training Program. Tony Larson, Jim Curran, Liz and Duane Rische, Lisa and Brian Zahn and Jamie Honeycut along with Mike Jerome are some of the adults who are working to keep the Boy Scout Program viable in Mobridge.  This past year the Scouts totaled 239 volunteer hours. Peg Wunder commented that Beef ‘n Fun is appreciative that the Scouts have cleaned up the rodeo grounds for a number of years after Beef ‘n Fun for a minimal fee. This year Rotary and the Boy Scouts will celebrate the 40th anniversary that Rotary has sponsored the Boy Scouts here in Mobridge. Collignon, Rotarian, presented a check for $l00 to the Scouts.
In closing Mike expressed his appreciation for the support of Rotary and said that the money would be used to finish converting the lanterns and stoves to propane.
President-elect Leonard Linde announced that we have received $l,500 from the Rotary Classic Basketball Tournament held over the holidays. He also announced that Rotary had received a nice note from the Cheyenne River Youth Program thanking the Mobridge Rotary for the $l00 donation.
Michele Harrison, Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce, reminded everyone that the annual chamber banquet will be Feb. 8, and people can purchase individual tickets or entire tables by contacting the Chamber.
There was brief discussion about the Fourth of July float and whether to buy an inflatable of the Rotary Emblem. There is a problem with the storage of the float. As the float is shared with the American Legion and the Legion Auxiliary, it was decided that this matter should be tabled until next week. Jan Sayler will talk with people in the Legion as they have a share in the float and will report back next week.
Plans are going ahead with March Madness. Marc Mclellan is in charge but will be out of town the Monday the drawing is conducted. He will get several volunteers to do that.
Duane Martin was present to claim the 50/50 drawing. The monthly business meeting will be held when Rotary meets next Monday at the Moose Lodge at noon.

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