Business community continues to grow


By Katie Zerr

The ever–evolving make up of the community of Mobridge is a positive sign during a time when there have been few in the country.

One only has to look to the retail community of our area to see the changes, both cosmetically and in the makeup of area businesses.

There have been a multitude of new business opening in the area in the past five years. Others have expanded, changed focus, changed ownership or added new products.

The business community has expanded to meet the changing needs in business and to take advantage of what technology has to offer. Businesses that weren’t possible in Mobridge because of location 20 years ago have made a home here. An example of this, although older than five years, is One World Direct (formerly One World Distribution).

More recently, the business community has expanded through smaller ventures that include website design services, small boutiques, specialty services and retail outlets.

The goods and services available in Mobridge, that were not here in the past, are available here through new businesses or through satellite locations of businesses established elsewhere.

Some area businesses are expanding their markets and their floor space to offer more goods to consumers. One of best examples of that is the recently opened expansion of Runnings on East Grand Crossing.

Building started on the 16,000 square foot addition in July. Stocking of the rows of new shelving is nearly complete. The store now has 40,500 square feet of merchandise space.

Manager Leo Dillman said the expansion has allowed the company to offer more options to shoppers in Mobridge and the surrounding area. He said the added space has allowed an expansion of all departments including seasonal options for home and agriculture offered by Runnings.

“We wanted to give the agricultural community more options without having to go outside the community for

something they need,” he said. “We have expanded departments allowing us to bring the merchandise that fills the need of our community.”

Dillman said the ultimate goal of the larger store is to keep people coming into Mobridge and offer the merchandise that shoppers need. The space also offers customers a more relaxed and organized shopping experience. He said the customers have commented on the size of the store.

“The community is excited and has been very patient with us when we were in the middle of restocking the store,” Dillman said.

Running’s Advertising Manager Dennis Jensen said the company chose to expand in Mobridge because the store, the size that it was, could not meet the demands of the customers. He said customers were asking for more, driving the need for expansion in all departments.

The Mobridge store is considered middle of the pack when it comes to the 31 stores in the Running’s chain, but Jensen said with the expanded size comes an expanded number of items.

“You get more of what you want,” he said. “There is a great group of people who shop here and we appreciate them as our customers and our friends.”

Dillman said there is a grand re-opening set for May.



There have also been a number of businesses that are sporting a new look.

On Main Street, there have been many changes inside and out, including a massive remodel of Dacotah Bank. With a new lobby, teller stations and offices, the facility is sleek, modern and appealing to the eye. The MoRest motel and the Oak Keg also remodeled the exterior of their buildings.

Rick Morris, owner of the Silver Dollar Saloon on Main Street had the famous sign restored and remodeled the front of the building, which included installation of a large window.

Gary and Delphine Stueck, owner/operators of Pizza Ranch in Mobridge, are among those who have changed the look of their building. There is also some interior remodeling of the dining area.

“The exterior remodel makes it more recognizable to the public,” said Gary. “It is not a huge thing, but our customers will see the difference.”

It is different from the outside as now the sign faces Highway 12 and is prominent from the roadway.

“It is a corporate design, but we used local contractors whenever possible,” he said. “I fought to keep the trees, but lost out.”

Stueck said the business is 10 years old and was in need of facelift.

“This is much more attractive to our customers,” he said. “The changes are good and the company tracks the numbers. There is a good, solid record on restaurants that have remodeled.”


Coming soon

There are a number of new ventures on the horizon, including a Subway in the new West Grand Crossing mall, Jansen Law Office,  and Unique Angles Photography, which is scheduled to open in May.

The list of recent new and expanded businesses in Mobridge includes: Escape on Main, Elite Denture Lab, Harrison Appraisals, Henderson Chiropractic, Do It Yourself Tobacco,

J&M One Stop Shop & Tow, Loxie’s Boutique, Avid Hawk, LLC, Hometown TV & Appliance, The Art Bank, Paquet Lawn & Snow Service, Performance Ag Services, Pfitzer Pest Control, KR Small Engine Sales & Service, Western Edge Designs, Tall Guy Plumbing, Southpoint Feed and Animal Health, Oahe Vet Service, New Horizons Vet Service, How Ya Roll Smokeshop, Gaukler’s Used Furniture, Hair by Hannah, Soul Interiors, Small Change PC, Imberi’s Computer, Bridge City Florist & Bookstore, Gunpoint Tattoo, Palace Video Rental and The Gun Guys.

Established businesses with new owners include Bridge City Marina, Beadle’s Chevrolet, Larsen’s Jewelry, Anderson’s Footwear, H&R Block, Eastside Motel, Kounty Inn and Paws with a Cause.


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