Tigers join list of 10-game win streak teams


Tiger basketball team, don’t read anything into this. Winning streaks during the regular season do not mean very much. It is winning streaks in the postseason that matter.

For the rest of you, here are some interesting tidbits about Tiger basketball and winning streaks.

After beating Cheyenne-Eagle Butte ,the Tigers have won 10 straight basketball games. Double-digit win streaks are not that much of a rarity in Tiger history. This is, in fact, the 14th time the Tigers have won at least 10 games in a row.

The last time it happened was when the 1995-96 team won its first 16 games. That is also the longest win streak in Tiger hoops history. But that team did not go to state. His Honor the Mayor Jamie Dietterle will bitterly recall that the Tigers lost to Lyman County in the region championship that year and ended the season at 19-2.

Going back to the first time the Tigers won 10 in a row, here is a rundown along with how the season ended.

The 1932-33 Tigers won 11 straight games, went to state and finished 19-4.

The 1934-35 Tigers won 11 straight, went to state and finished 23-4.

The 1939-40 Tigers won 11 straight, lost in the district and finished 20-6.

The next three seasons have to be called the glory years of Tiger basketball, despite the fact that if you look back you will find non other than Pat Morrison as a main player on a couple of these teams. The 1941-42 Tigers had the first 12-game winning streak, went to state and finished 26-4. The 1942-43 Tigers were probably the best team ever.  They went 27-2 and won the state title. They had a 14-game winning streak, lost one and then won their last eight. The 1943-44 Tigers were not that good, but still won the state title. They did not have a double-digit win streak but did finish their 24-6 record on a 16-1 run.

Three straight teams in the early ‘60s started their seasons with remarkable runs. The 1960-61 team started with 14 wins. The 1961-62 team and the 1962-63 teams won their first 15 games. The Tigers were in a sectional with Aberdeen then and did not have a lot of postseason success except for the 1961-62 team. Cheyenne-Eagle Butte beat Aberdeen for the Tigers. Mobridge went to state, took fifth, and finished the season 19-2. The 1960-61 team was 19-5 and the 1962-63 team finished 16-2.

The Tigers had to jump to the 1976-77 team for the next streak. That team won 10 in a row, went 22-4 and went to state.

Three Tigers teams had double-digit win streaks in the ‘80s and three Tigers teams went to state in the ‘80s. None were the same teams. The 1981-82 Tigers won 11 straight and finished 17-6. The 1982-83 Tigers won 13 in a row and finished 18-3. The 1985-86 Tigers won 13 straight and finished 17-5. The Tigers went to state in 1985, 1987 and 1989.

That makes 13 Tiger teams that peeled off win streaks of 10 or more games up until this year. Six of those teams went to state. Seven stayed home.

Long winning streaks prove you have a good team, but it is winning in March that gets a team to its final destination and meets its top goal.

These Tigers have a ways to go. There is still a lot of basketball to be played and a lot of improvement that will have to come. Only one thing is for sure, we know they are pretty good.

By the way, the 1970-71 Tigers had a miserable 3-17 record and lost 10 games in a row. That is the only double digit losing streak in 96 years of Tigers basketball.

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