JAY DAVIS: Girls get chance to hit floor with confidence


Believe it or not, Friday is a big night for the Lady Tigers.

While the oh-so-young Lady Tigers have had a tough go of it with a 1-16 record, they have not had many chances to try and measure up against teams they might stand on level ground against.

The Lady Tigers might just have the most difficult schedule in the state of South Dakota. The teams the girls have played are a combined 165-81. Britton-Hecla (6-8), Miller (5-10), Belle Fourche (4-13) and Crow Creek (4-11) are the only teams the girls have played with losing records, and remember, Crow Creek had to forfeit 10 games.

Other than that, the girls have played 15-0 Lemmon, 15-1 Herreid-Selby Area, 15-1 Chamberlain, 13-2 Sully Buttes, and 12-3 Aberdeen Roncalli, plus a handful of other teams with a lot more wins than losses.

So what makes playing at 1-14 Stanley County a big game? Winning it does. It’s quite obvious the Lady Tigers have not won on the road this year. Of the four losses to teams under .500, three have been on the road and one was to the aforementioned Crow Creek club.

This is different. This is a chance for the Lady Tigers to feel like they are the better team. A chance for them to come out of the locker room and onto the court for 20 minutes of warm-up with the sense that they will come out the victor.

The girls already know this, but I bet you all don’t. This is also the chance for the Lady Tigers to finally catch up with Stanley County in the all-times series. The Lady Tigers have beaten the Lady Buffaloes five straight times, but still trail 15-14 in the series.

When you have a team that the most experienced players are barely old enough to drive after dark, sometimes improvement has to be measured in small quantities. This is finally a chance for the girls to measure themselves with final results.

I don’t mean to put any added pressure on the Lady Tigers. This is more like a pre-game pep talk. You see, here is what I think is going to happen. The Lady Tigers are going to hit the court against Stanley County and find out that after playing the likes of Herreid-Selby Area, Chamberlain, Roncalli, Lemmon, Sully Buttes and so on, this opponent cannot present the same kind of challenge.

Sometime Friday night, the Lady Tigers will get to add a two to their win column.

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