Construction constant over the last decade


One only needs to take a drive around Mobridge to see the landscape has changed dramatically in the past five years.

It is evident on Main Street where the addition to A.H. Brown Library and completed railroad crossing are opening doors to new opportunities there.

After years of a slow down, the sound of hammers hitting nails has been a constant in the 2000s. From new buildings to additions and new homes, builders and contractors have been kept busy here.

One section of Mobridge is a true testament to this building boom. On Second Avenue West between Fourth and Sixth Streets including Grand Crossing, there are two new buildings and a large addition to an existing building that have all been completed in the last two years.

A new mini mall is home to three business, one new to Mobridge (Subway to open in April), the 5,000-square foot addition to St. Joseph’s Catholic Church and the Doug Heil State Farm building, which houses two businesses, are all within one block.

Doug Heil said building the new structure was not the first of his plans, when he decided his agency had outgrown the former office on West Grand Crossing and Fourth Avenue West.

“My initial plan was to refurbish the building that I bought (where the new building sits) but after penciling out a plan, it just made more sense to build a new building,” said Heil.

He had looked at purchasing other buildings in town to refurbish to fit his needs, but the plan for a new building met all of his criteria.

The new 3,500-square foot building houses his agency, with his five, full-time employees, and a new business, Soul Interiors Boutique. Heil said the move to the new building has been better for his business, and he has seen an increase in foot traffic at the new site.

“It is better for my employees and has been the best option for me,” he said.

Heil said as he looks around Mobridge and the changes that have resulted from the construction, it tells him that Mobridge is moving forward.

“It makes us look like we are modern and keeping up with the times,” he said.

Since 2007, the total value in building permits issued by the Mobridge Planning and Zoning Board is $28,667,884. That includes 23 new homes in and around Mobridge, and $6,677,572 in general remodeling and new garages.

“When I talk to visitors who were raised here and graduated from Mobridge, they say they miss Mobridge and miss living here,” said Heil. “The reason that they don’t is because of the job opportunities. When they see all of this construction here, it may be something that moves them to come back here and take a chance on a new business.”

– Katie Zerr –


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