JAY DAVIS: State was time to win for senior, time to learn for sophs


Sometimes it’s about winning, sometimes it’s about gaining the experience needed to be the one doing the winning the next time around. And so it was for the Tiger wrestlers at the State B Wrestling Tournament in Aberdeen.

It was all about beating people and getting to the medal stand for senior Brady Spiry. He kind of did it the hard way, but he got it done. The biggest win came after the most frustrating loss. Getting pinned in the second round put Spiry in a hole, but he found his inner warrior and put a 14-0 whipping on Blake Severson of Garretson to secure his chance to earn a medal. But that was just his second biggest win. The biggest one came the next day in the match for fifth and sixth. Pulling that match out gave the Tiger senior not only a chance to go out as the fifth-place medal winner, but also as a man who won his last high school match.

For sophomores David Jensen and Chase Schoenhard, this was about learning what needs to be done to compete at the state level and how to earn their chances to stand with the medal winners in future state tournaments.

Both youngsters put up some pretty good fights. You can bet they learned a lot. Sure, they are disappointed that they did not beat a couple wrestlers and that their seasons ended on Friday, but that disappointment will give way to realization. They don’t have to look any further than Brady, who went 1-2 at last year’s state tournament. David can walk down the hall to big brother Collin (when he is home from college) to find out how it works. Collin went 0-2 at state as a sophomore before taking third as a junior and winning his state title last year as a senior.

It goes down the line. The wrestlers who were beaten out in the district want to learn how to get to regions and the ones who lost at regions want to get to state.

At one time or another, there were about a dozen wrestlers (all the way down to seventh graders) who hit the varsity mat for the Tigers this season. They all have goals to reach. If they all realize it takes time, sweat and effort, there will be plenty more Tigers on the medal stand at state in the near future.

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