TWYLA FRITZ: Moving can be fun…or not


An assortment of “stuff” accumulates in 20 plus years and that’s what we’ve been dealing with for the past month. We’re downsizing and for the past few days, that word has become a curse.

There has been a lot of bickering going on in the Fritz household. The war within myself is causing problems. One may think a padded cell somewhere would be in order.

It took less time to pack than unpack because of this ongoing war. The act of detatching from things that had not seen the light of day in 20 years was easy. The things that I kept need my attention now, thus the war. Some things also needed my attention years ago. We actually found a check from a client in an old coat written in 1996.

The logical self and the illogical self have been at it for a while.

“You don’t need that. It doesn’t fit right in the shoulders and besides, it’s outdated.”

“Yes, but I bought it for my nephew’s wedding and I had to groom three dogs to pay for it.”

“Your nephew has been married for a good number of years and has three children!”

You get the picture.

The new dilemma is space. There simply isn’t enough space.

“There’s no place to put that…and besides when was the last time you used it?”

“OK. But I may need it someday and it really doesn’t take much space at all and besides, do you know how many dogs I had to groom to pay for that?”

We used to entertain more. Our home was large enough to accommodate family gatherings.

“Why on earth do you need three sets of silverware?”

“I don’t, but the kids don’t want it and I can’t very well just throw it away. Do you know how many dogs I had to groom to buy each set?”

When one has a dishwasher, it only stands to reason that you need more coffee mugs and glasses. In this home, we have no dishwasher so I chose a small box and carefully culled through the mugs. This was after culling before the move so it just gets more difficult. Most are mugs with advertising so the box was filled quickly and I didn’t ponder the number of dogs I had to groom to pay for them.

The dialogue continues in to cleaning supplies.

“Why on earth do you need three gallons of disinfectant cleaner?”

“Well, you see, I needed one for the kennel and one for the shop and then when I misplaced one gallon, I bought another. But two are half full so I can fill one completely full and then we’re down to two. So there.”

Life certainly has been interesting this past month and thankfully I am arguing with my inner self less and less these days.

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