JAY DAVIS: Invasion of the NFL draft almost done consuming sports world


The annual NFL draft is just one day away and if you pay as much attention to the sports scene as I do, the draft is just a little more important than a presidential election.

In case you never noticed, sports sometimes consume me. I get my daily fixes from every media source. This time of year there are some great things in sports. The NBA playoffs are midway through their first round and Major League Baseball is off and running. But that doesn’t stop the pundit world of sports from being stuck in the NFL.

The Vikings have two first round picks (23 and 25) and a total of 11 draft choices to make over the next three days. That’s right, three days! The media spectacle that is the draft has become two nights of prime time television before winding up on Saturday.

From listening to NFL geniuses, here is how I think things will go. The Vikings need a QB, RB, FB, TE, WR, SE, SL, G, T, C, DE, DT, OLB, MLB, CB and S, but they will narrow the field to make the best choices. With their two first-round picks they will take a wide receiver in either Tavon Austin of West Virginia, Cordarrelle Patterson of Tennessee, or someone else. They could go with defense and take DT Sylvester Williams of North Carolina or MLB Manti Te’o of Notre Dame or a CB like Xavier Rhodes of Florida St. or D.J. Hayden of Houston.

If they don’t take one or two of these guys, they will take different guys, or they will trade choices with another team and do something completely different.

When they are done with each choice, pundits will rejoice their smart moves and rip holes in their bad ones.

And then it will be over and we can go back to sports that are actually being played right now.

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