JAY DAVIS: Wrestling’s past, present and future are represented


If you can’t get enough wrestling, you were probably at Mobridge-Pollock High School Gymnasium last night. If you were, you saw everything the Tiger program has to offer.

The past, the present and the future were all represented. The past, of course, was Tiger wrestlers of old in stands. The future was the plethora of exhibition matches wrestled last night. The present showed us some pretty good wrestlers who are on the varsity team this year.

It was a long four hours of wrestling, but that’s the kind of night you end up with when it’s our year to have just one home match.

Unfortunately there weren’t enough matches at the varsity level. The Tigers did have nine matches against Stanley County, but just five against Lemmon-McIntosh. That’s 14 out of a possible 28 matches in two duals. Some were because the Tigers did not have a wrestler at a weight, some because of the opposition having that problem.

It would have been a treat for the fans to get to see Class B’s top 220-pounder Collin Jensen wrestle a couple times, but then again, he only wrestled 56 seconds, and that was against the fifth-ranked wrestler. In that case a second match against a lesser opponent might not have been too interesting anyway.

Lucas Martin gave us a good look at his abilities, but it would have been nice to see the 11th-ranked 160-pounder get two matches. Seeing Martin with a black eye as his only injury is okay at this point of his senior. The young man has dealt with enough injuries in his career.

Brady Spiry is ranked eighth at 195 pounds. We got to see him walk out and get his hand raised for two forfeits.

In fact, only Jake Carmody, Grant Brewer and Camerin Davis got to wrestle twice last night.

So it looks like if you want to see our kids in action, you’ll have to hit the road with them. You can bet the weight divisions will be pretty full in Linton on Thursday.

Other than traveling, you’ll have to wait for the Region 4B Tournament, which will be held right here in the Bridge City on Feb. 18.

That should be pretty good incentive for the wrestlers who want you to get to see them wrestle again too. No one can compete at the region without placing in the top four at the district.

Oh, and there will be full slates that day. No one will be shuffling out to get their hand raised without earning it on the mat.

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