Mobridge Moose lodge among the top five in the nation


The national Loyal Order of the Moose has named the Mobridge Moose Lodge one of the top five lodges in the nation.

According to Jim Keller, who manages the lodge, the honor was awarded to the club for their increase in memberships this past year and for their dedication to helping their community.

The Mobridge Lodge increased their membership by signing up 140 percent of the assigned membership quota in 2012. There are 44 new members at the Mobridge Lodge. Keller said hosting the Thanksgiving “Share the Spirit” dinner also had a role in the club being in the top five.

“We are really happy about this because it wasn’t long ago we were talking about closing the doors,” said Keller. “Being named one of the top five in the country is very exciting for us.”

The top lodge in the nation will be announced at the national convention at the end of May.

– Katie Zerr – 


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