Sully Buttes wins team and individual golf titles


By Jay Davis

Shauni Schwartz of Herreid rolls a par putt home on the fifth green at Oahe Hills Golf Course on Monday. Schwartz finished third in the Region 5B Golf Tournament.

Shauni Schwartz of Herreid rolls a par putt home on the fifth green at Oahe Hills Golf Course on Monday. Schwartz finished third in the Region 5B Golf Tournament.

Sully Buttes swept the team titles at the Region 5B Golf Meet at Oahe Hills Golf Course on Monday. Charger teammates Brayden Wittler and Nicole Mosiman won medalist honors.
The Sully Buttes boys won a log-jammed boys’ division by the slightest of margins. The Chargers shot 283 to slip past Potter County with 284 and Eureka and Stanley County with 285 each.
Wittler shot 83 to win medalist honors by two strokes. Runner-up Jordan Maier of Eureka shot 85 and third-place Nathan Rohrbach of Bowdle shot 86. Other area players making the cut and earning their trip to state were Taylor Beutler of Eureka, Tyler Wipf of Bowdle and Ethan Deibert and Brady Vander Vorst of Herreid.
The Sully Buttes girls won their team title with a little more room to spare. The Chargers shot 315 with second-place Herreid shooting 332.
While Mosiman handled Oahe Hills three strokes better than anyone else, it was two girls shooting top 10 scores that led Herreid to second place and a state-qualification as a team.
Shauni Schwartz led the Yellowjackets with a third-place 94. Mickey Schick shot a 109 for seventh. Ariel Geffre will join the girls at state.
Other area girls earning state qualifications were Micaela Johnson and Rachel Kessel of Bowdle and Rachel Deurmier of Eureka.
The Class B Golf Tournament will be played in Brookings on May 20 and 21. The boys will play at Brookings Country Club while the girls will play at Edgebrook Golf Course.

Region 5B Golf Meet
Boys Division
Team Scores: Sully Buttes 283, Potter County 284, Eureka 285, Stanley County 285, Bowdle 290, Edmunds Central 297, Lyman 301, Herreid 303, Highmore-Harrold 311, Selby Area 358, Lower Brule 475.
State Qualifiers: 1. Brayden Wittler, Sully Buttes, 40-43-83; 2. Jordan Maier, Eureka, 42-43-85; 3. Nathan Rohrbach, Bowdle, 41-45-86; 4. Taylor Beutler, Eureka, 40-47-87; 5. Ben Authier, Lyman, 45-45-90; 6. Tyler Wipf, Bowdle, 44-46-90; 7. Zach Sahli, Edmunds Central, 45-46-91; 8. Kole Hawkinson, Potter County, 45-46-91; 9. Michael Weidenbach, Highmore-Harrold, 42-50-92;
10. Tyler Smith, Stanley County, 44-49-93; 11. Seth VenDenHemel, Stanley County, 46-48-94; 12. David Vander Vorst, Potter County, 49-47-96; 13. Ethan Deibert, Herreid, 48-49-97; 14. Jake Langer, Potter County, 45-52-97; 15. Nate Cronin, Stanley County, 47-51-98; 16. Tyler Kroeber, Sully Buttes, 52-47-99; 17. Brady Vander Vorst, Herreid, 48-51-99; 18. Greer Hofer, Sully Buttes, 50-51-101.
Other Area Scores: Brady Fiedler, Selby Area, 54-49-103; Josh Weisbeck, Herreid, 56-51-107; Austin Moser, Eureka, 57-56-113; Andre Boschee, Bowdle, 58-56-114; Tyler Schwingler, Eureka, 58-56-114; Trent Kopecky, Bowdle, 58-60-118; Zach Pudwill, Herreid, 65-57-122; Steven Rueb, Selby Area, 67-60-127; Collin Fiedler, Selby Area, 61-67-128; Ben Von Wald, Selby Area, 89-95-184.

Girls Division
Team Scores: Sully Buttes 315, Herreid 332, Lyman 342, Potter County 347.
State Qualifiers: 1. Nicole Mosiman, Sully Buttes, 46-43-89; 2. Courtney Anderson, Lyman, 46-47-93; 3. Shauni Schwartz, Herreid, 47-47-94; 4. Micaela Johnson, Bowdle, 49-50-99; 5. Rachel Kessel, Bowdle, 54-53-107; 6. Cassidy Soper, Potter County, 52-55-107; 7. Mickey Schick, Herreid, 55-54-109; 8. Kendyll Jones, Sully Buttes, 60-52-112; 9. Amanda Lewellen, Miller, 52-60-112; 10. Rachel Deurmier, Eureka, 63-51-114; 11. Martee Larson, Stanley County, 57-57-114; 12. Mindy Ravnaas, Sully Buttes, 55-59-114; 13. Kylie Baumberger, Potter County, 60-55-115; 14. Bailey Almond, Lyman, 58-61-119; 15. Jordyne Schultz, Sully Buttes, 58-62-120.
Other Area Scores: Ariel Geffre, Herreid, 67-62-129; Mikala Morlock, Eureka, 66-71-137.

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