Compromise closer in permit battle


James Tolly told the Mobridge City council Monday, May 20, that he had paid his outstanding water bills and would like to move forward with building a fence at his East Grand Crossing business.

Tolly, owner/operator of J&M One Stop Shop on East Grand Crossing had been denied a building permit for a number of reasons, including outstanding water bills on homes and the business of more than $900. He was also served violation of ordinance papers for having a large number of vehicles in the lot of his business.

Tolly has requested a building permit for a fence that will secure more than 50 vehicles that are on the property, but because of where the building and lot are located, he would not be allowed to store that many vehicles because the area is not zoned for industrial.

He told the council 21 of the vehicles had been moved from the lot and another 10-15 will be moved soon. He also said the paperwork from the State of South Dakota is now in order and he will be able to sell the vehicle that are not claimed after the required period. This will keep the problem of abandoned vehicles from  again increasing to an unacceptable number on the lot.

Tolly requested the Planning and Zoning Board approve his request to build the 690-foot fence to keep the vehicles in the lot and to secure them.

Mobridge City Attorney Rick Cain told Tolly that he needed to have exact measurements in order to receive the permit as anything larger than 750 square feet to house wrecked vehicle and parts, etc., is considered a junkyard. That would push the business into an industrial zoning category and the area is not zoned as such.

Mayor Jamie Dietterle thanked Tolly for cooperating with the city.

“It seems that you are on the right track. You need to get to the point where you can put up a fence to comply with the ordinance,” he said. “We want you to be able to do business.”

Tolly asked if he still needed to appear in court June 3 in order to answer the violation summons and was told by Cain that he still must appear in court.


While property


Mobridge City Administrator Steve Gasser reported all was in order for the joint action between the city and Walworth County, to demolish the house on Fourth Street West (referred to as the While property). He said the council needs to approve one of the two bids for tearing down the home and he will make arrangements with the county to load their trucks with debris to be hauled to the landfill.

Ward III Councilman Gene Cox, who has been working with the county on the project, said the home that is located on the corner of the property is structurally sound and can be rehabilitated into a livable home. The second structure, closer to the alley has been deemed inhabitable, and is the home to be torn down.

The bids were from Gregg’s Drilling and Excavating in Mobridge for 10 hours of demolition at $235 per hour and eight hours of labor at $75 per hour for a total bid of $3,010 tax included, and from Jensen Rock and Sand, Inc., of Mobridge for track hoe rental (with operator) for $150 per hour.

The council approved the Jensen Rock and Sand bid for the project. Gasser said he would contact the county and complete the arrangements for the project.

– Katie Zerr –


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