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Bud-Bader-CarA family’s desire to give back to the community in which they were raised spurred a father to give one of his prize possessions to help raise money for the new outdoor swimming pool.

Long-time Mobridge resident and promoter Bud Bader recently gifted a replica of a 1952 MG TD convertible to the Mobridge Outdoor Pool Committee as a fundraising mechanism for the new pool project. Bader built the vehicle from a kit (it took him about a year) in 1981.

“I had just sold my part of GTC to Junior (Neumiller) and was looking for something to do,” he said. “I have always been a car guy and I wanted to see if I could do this.”

The MG is a light vehicle, weighing only about 1,600 pounds, and is not really a highway traveling type of vehicle. He said it wouldn’t handle well on the open road in the windy South Dakota weather. Bader said it is more a hobby vehicle than a traveling car.

The red two-seater should be familiar to Mobridge area residents, as Bader has driven it in many parades and to celebrations.

“It does drive better on the road than in the parades or just around town,” he said. “I have driven back and forth to Aberdeen, but the wind wasn’t blowing that day.”

Bader said he has about $7,000 in the vehicle, but has had offers for much more to sell it.

“It’s priceless to me,” he said. “But it is time to let it go and I wanted it to be for a good cause.”

He had thought about giving the vehicle to other fundraising projects in the city, but the swimming pool fund is just the right fit. He talked to his kids

about using the vehicle to help raise money for the project and they thought it was a great idea.

“My kids encouraged me to do this after I told them I was thinking about it,” he said. “It was a family decision, not just me.”

Bader has always been passionate about his community and its success. He said giving a part of his sweat and hard work and something of which he values so highly, is his and the family’s way of giving back to their hometown.

“My kids spent a lot of time at the old swimming pool and they know how important this new pool is to Mobridge,” he said. “I have high hopes for the raffle. I would like to see them raise about $25,000 with it.”

The raffle tickets will be $20 dollars for one or six for $100 dollars. The committee is planning to have the vehicle on display at a number of sites during the summer. They are planning on giving the MG away on Sunday, Sept. 15 during the dodge ball tournament fundraiser. Tickets will be available at Paylessfoods, Merkel’s Foods, Grand Central Station and at the Mobridge Chamber of Commerce Office.

“The pool committee had discussed raffling a big ticket item at a number of meetings,” said Mary Fried, member of the outdoor pool committee. “When we had the informational meeting at Scherr Howe earlier this spring, Bud attended the meeting and surprised us all with this generous contribution. It could not have been more timely. We are grateful for his generosity and are confident that the raffle will be a huge success for the future pool!”

As is tradition, the vehicle will be in the Sitting Bull Stampede parade on July 3 and 4 with Mobridge Mayor Jamie Dietterle at the wheel. Plans are to have the car displayed at various location in Mobridge and at the Wheels Unlimited Car Show during Beef n’ Fun Days.

– Katie Zerr 


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