Henderson, Gemar win USAFT Junior Olympics meet


By Jay Davis

Landyn Henderson heads to the finish line to win the 400-meter dash at the USTAF Junior Olympic Dakotas track and field meet at Swisher Complex in Aberdeen on June 8.

Landyn Henderson heads to the finish line to win the 400-meter dash at the USTAF Junior Olympic Dakotas track and field meet at Swisher Complex in Aberdeen on June 8.

Landyn Henderson and Steph Gemar won events at the USATF Junior Olympics Dakotas Track and Field Meet at Swisher Complex in Aberdeen on June 8.
Henderson won the 200 and 400-meter dash in the 9-10 girls division. She won the 200 at 33.8 seconds. Runner-up Christina Furula of Aberdeen ran a 34.4. Henderson ran a 1:15.9 to win the 400, while second place Ndjakalenga Mwenentanda of Sioux Falls ran a 1:17.8. She added a fifth-place finish in the long jump, going 3.0 meters.
Henderson also competed in and won the 200 and 400 at the Hershey’s Track and Field Meet in Aberdeen on June 11. This was a local event. Henderson and the other top finishers will compete in the state Hershey’s meet in Belle Fourche on Saturday.
Gemar won the discus and hammer throw while taking third in shot put in the 17-18 women division.
Gemar sent the disc 39.12 meters for a dominant win over Kayla Hochhalter of Carrington, N.D., who went 23.26 meters. Her hammer throw of 18.39 meters beat Breann Jackson of Aberdeen, who went 18.02 meters. Gemar went 10.87 meters for third in shot put.
Simon and Peter Fried competed in the 8 and under boys division, while Noah Fried competed in the 11-12 boys division
Simon took second in the 200, third in the 100 and third in long jump. Peter finished eighth in long jump and 11th in the 100. Noah competed in the same three events, taking fourth in long jump, sixth in the 200 and seventh in the 100.
Area athletes Sierra Stotz of Tolstoy, Kristie Mettler of Timber Lake, Shamra Garrett of Dupree, Breann and Alysha O’Connell of Eagle Butte and Nicholas Bad Warrior also competed in the meet.
Bad Warrior won the 400, 800 and steeplechase, while Stotz and Mettler ran for Aberdeen Area on the winning 400-meter relay team.
The USATF Region 8 Track & Field Championships will be run at Swisher Complex in Aberdeen on July 4 through 7. Athletes from South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota will compete.

USATF Junior Olympics Track & Field Meet
9-10 Girls 200-Meter Dash: 1. Landyn Henderson, Mobridge, 33.8; 2. Christina Furula, Aberdeen, 34.4; 3. Bree Gose, Huron, 34.8; 4. Katelyn Harris, Aberdeen, 35.1; 5. Rachel Gannon, Volga, 36.6; 6. Lily Andrews, Fargo, N.D., 41.5; 7. Autumn Iverson, Pierre, 43.1; 8. Sydney Kamin, Westport, 45.3.
9-10 Girls 400-Meter Dash: 1. Landyn Henderson, Mobridge, 1:15.9; 2. Ndjakalenga Mwenentanda, Sioux Falls, 1:17.8; 3. Jensyn Zink, Hillsboro, N.D., 1:18.9; 4. Rachel Gannon, Volga, 1:20.5; 5. Anna Lien, Fargo, 1:24.2; 6. Olivia Ryland, Fargo, Fargo, 1:29.2; 7. Lily Andrews, Fargo, 1:30.7; 8. Ella Graftstrom, N.D., 1:31.1.
9-10 Girls Long Jump: 1. Rachel Gannon, Volga, 3.53m; 2. Briaa Feibiger, Fargo, 3.16m; 3. Bryn Gose, Huron, 3.13m; 4. Anna Lien, Fargo, 2.13m; 5. Landyn Henderson, Mobridge, 3.0m; 6. Christina Furula, Aberdeen, 2.71m; 7. Ella Grafstrom, N.D., 2.56m; 8. Jessica Boekelheide, Aberdeen, 2.5m.
13-14 Girls 800-Meter Run: 1. Macy Heinz, Ipswich, 2:26.5; 2. Cassidy Moon, Huron, 3:06.9; 3. Shamra Garrett, Dupree, 3:10.0; 4. Nicolette Schmidt, Huron, 3:16.9.
13-14 Girls 1500-Meter Run: 1. Laura Nelson, Mission, 5:20.3; 2. Shamra Garrett, Dupree, 6:24.6; 3. Nicollette Schmidt, Redfield, 6:24.7.
15-16 Girls Shot Put: 1. Akealy Moton, West Fargo, 11.6m; 2. Bailey Retzlaff, Carrington, 11.3m; 3. Keely Walker, West Fargo, 11.18m; 4. Kauri Hochhalter, Carrington, 9.95m; 5. Breanna O’Connell, Eagle Butte, 8.17m.
15-16 Girls Discus: 1. Kauri Hochhalter, Carrington, 35.54m; 2. Keely Walker, West Fargo, 32.31m; 3. Bailey Retzlaff, Carrington, 30.22m; 4. Bailey Hoffman, West Fargo, 25.87m; 5. Breanna O’Connell, Eagle Butte, 25.33m.
17-18 Women 100-Meter Dash: 1. Amanda Levin, West Fargo, 12.6; 2. Sierra Stotz, Tolstoy, 13.1.
17-18 Women 200-Meter Dash: 1. Amanda Levin, West Fargo, 26.6; 2. Sierra Stotz, Tolstoy, 26.8.
17-18 Women 400-Meter Relay: 1. Aberdeen Area (Kristie Mettler, Sierra Stotz, Jessica Weber, Ashley Thompson), 51.1; 2. Team Nodak, 51.2.
17-18 Women Triple Jump: 1. Alexis Gannon, Brookings, 11.26m; 2. Ashley Thompson, Rapid City, 11.15m; 3. Natalee Todd, Bismarck, 10.78m; 4. Vanessa Johnson, Page, N.D., 10.39m; 5. Kristie Mettler, Timber Lake, 10.22m; 6. Colette Christensen, Rapid City, 10.15m
17-18 Women Shot Put: 1. Kayla Hochhalter, Carrington, N.D., 12.5m; 2. Alysha O’Connell, Eagle Butte, 11.0m; 3. Steph Gemar, Mobridge, 10.87m.
17-18 Women Discus: 1. Steph Gemar, Mobridge, 39.12m; 2. Kayla Hochhalter, Carrington, 32.26m; 3. Alysha O’Connell, Eagle Butte, 21.26m.
17-18 Women Hammer Throw: 1. Steph Gemar, Mobridge, 18.39m; 2. Breann Jackson, Aberdeen, 18.02m.
8-Under Boys 100-Meter Dash: 1. Austin Dabney, Aberdeen, 17.0; 2. Berthieu Mwenentanda, Sioux Falls, 17.6; 3. Simon Fried, Mobridge, 17.7; 4. James Lien, Fargo, 17.9; 5. (tie) Carter Dingman, Aberdeen, 18.4, Thomas Foley, Watertown, 18.4; 7. Tyler Schaefer, Aberdeen, 18.6; 8. Lincoln Woodring, Athol, 19.3; 11. Peter Fried, Mobridge, 21.6.
8-Under Boys 200-Meter Dash: 1. Austin Dabney, Aberdeen, 38.7; 2. Simon Fried, Mobridge, 39.1; 3. James Lien, Fargo, 39.7; 4. Thomas Foley, Watertown, 41.1; 5. Grant Tschosik, Fargo, 41.2; 6. Berthieu Mwenentanda, Sioux Falls, 43.1; 7. Truitt Brannon, Bismarck, 43.5; 8. Lincoln Woodring, Athol, 45.8.
8-Under Boys Long Jump: 1. Payton Hocchalter, Carrington, 2.84m; 2. Truitt Brannon, Bismarck, 2.69m; 3. Simon Fried, Mobridge, 2.55m; 4. Joshua Beil, Fargo, 2.55m; 5. Tommy Schreiner, Fargo, 2.28m; 6. Thomas Foley, Watertown, 2.25m; 7. DeAndre Hendry, Rapid City, 2.18m; 8. Peter Fried, Mobridge, 1.77m.
11-12 Boys 100-Meter Dash: 1. (tie) River Iverson, Pierre, 14.1, Jack Carlson, Fargo, 14.1; 3. Malcolm Janis, Pickstown, 14.3; 4. Josh Gross, South Shore, 15.3; 5. Sutter Colborn, N.D., 16.2; 6. Deontay Gross, South Shore, 16.4; 7. Noah Fried, Mobridge, 16.5.
11-12 Boys 200-Meter Dash: 1. Jack Carlson, Fargo, 31.4; 2. Malcolm Janis, Pickstown, 31.8; 3. River Iverson, Pierre, 32.5; 4. Cooper Glenn, Bismarck, 35.4; 5. Sutter Colborn, N.D., 36.2; 6. Noah Fried, Mobridge, 36.7; 7. Charlie Kretchman, Fargo, 36.9; 8. Justin Dowling, Pierre, 37.9.
11-12 Boys Long Jump: 1. Malcolm Janis, Pickstown, 3.98m; 2. River Iverson, Pierre, 3.4m; 3. Cooper Glenn, Bismarck, 3.35m; 4. Noah Fried, Mobridge, 3.29m; 5. Charlie Kretchman, Fargo, 3.22m; 6. Justin Dowling, Pierre, 3.17m; 7. Joshua Mehlhoff, Aberdeen, 3.08m; 8. Beau Retzlaff, Carrington, 2.19m.
15-16 Boys 400-Meter Dash: 1. Nicholas Bad Warrior, Timber Lake, 55.1; 2. James Hollister, Hunter, N.D., 56.4; 3. Rex Schlicht, Woonsocket, 56.8; 4. Cody Nelson, Pierre, 1:00.2; 5. Garrett Snook, Midland, 1:03.4; 6. Anthony Gross, South Shore, 1:05.4; 7. Landon Larson, Aberdeen, 1:05.5.
15-16 Boys 800-Meter Run: 1. Nicholas Bad Warrior, Timber Lake, 2:30.8.
15-16 Boys 2000-Meter Steeplechase: 1. Nicholas Bad Warrior, Timber Lake, 8:11.5.
15-16 Boys Long Jump: 1. Cody Nelson, Pierre, 4.83m; 2. Bryce Malsam, Roscoe, 4.81m; 3. Mathias Larson, N.D., 4.62m; 4. Nicholas Bad Warrior, Timber Lake, 4.49m; 5. Anthony Gross, South Shore, 4.28m.
17-18 Men Shot Put: 1. Jack Lembke, Sioux Falls, 17.82m; 2. Mason Leiseth, Hayti, 17.19m; 3. Nathan Koppenhaver, Fargo, 12.96m; 4. Brendan Walker, West Fargo, 12.46m; 5. Caleb Mattila, West Fargo, 11.94m; 6. Scott Senftner, Onida, 11.75m; 7. Daniel Roberts, Mobridge-Pollock, 11.71m; 8. Laketon McLaughlin, Wall, 11.7m.
17-18 Men Discus: 1. Mason Leiseth, Hayti, 45.77m; 2. Brendan Walker, West Fargo, 33.46m; 3. Scott Senftner, Onida, 29.1m; 4. Josh Holsing, Aberdeen, 21.6m; 5. Daniel Roberts, Mobridge, 21.55m; 6. (tie) Laketon McLaughlin, Wall, 21.5m, Jack Lembcke, Sioux Falls, 21.5m.

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