KATIE ZERR: There really is no place like home


Traffic is heavier, people are laughing, hugging and shaking hands on Main Street, more hats and boots are seen in area businesses.

It must be the Fourth of July.

This is the time of year when many former residents come home to visit family and friends, reunite with classmates and enjoy what Mobridge has to offer.

The air is filled with the intensity of the volunteers that are pulling together the last minute preparations for the Sitting Bull Stampede Rodeo and parades fills the air.

Last minute practices of Klein Museum’s Living History are played out on the thick grass at Greenwood Cemetery.

The aisles of stores are busy with residents picking upcamping supplies and items for those special picnics.

There is just something in the air that is contagious. It is the same excitement that hits Mobridge this time of year.

It is more than just a celebration of the independence of our nation. It is a homecoming.

Exclamations of “You haven’t changed a bit!” or “I can’t believe your kids are so big!” can be heard across town.

Reminiscing is heard on street corners, in local watering holes, on boat docks and the shoreline. People are reconnecting with home.

There is just something about Mobridge that keeps people coming back here to the same celebration year after year.

It is the people and call of home.

Some don’t have the appreciation for the community that it deserves. The connection isn’t there or they have just never lived anywhere else. They don’t have anything to compare to warmth and caring of a community like Mobridge.

If they did, they would realize that we have a great community with so much to offer.

It may not have everything some need to fulfill their lives, but what it lacks in opportunity it makes up for in a base of incredible people who are very willing to share what they have with friends, neighbors and strangers.

Mobridge is home to many and will remain so all of their lives regardless if they physically live here or somewhere else.

While you’re home, walk along the lake shore, take the boat out or wet a line from the shore. Lake Oahe is more than an asset to Mobridge; she is the largest gem of the Missouri River system.

For many of us, our greatest childhood memories were made along the river. The Fourth of July is the opportune time to re-live those memories.

So welcome home, friends! Enjoy your stay and consider making it a permanent move. It is something you won’t regret.

Remember that none of this celebration would be possible without the hundreds of volunteers who work tirelessly to ensure Mobridge has one of the best celebrations in the state during this time. When you see one of those volunteers, shake their hand and let them know their efforts are appreciated.

As we celebrate the birth of our nation, remember to give thanks for those who gave their lives to allow us the freedoms we enjoy. Thank our veterans, our serving service men and women and those families that kept the their homes safe and happy while their service members served in lands far away.

Enjoy the Fourth of July and be safe.


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