Mobridge man drowns in Lake Oahe


– By Katie Zerr

An avid outdoorsman and angler, Mobridge resident Danilo (Dan) Figuracion, drowned in Lake Oahe Friday, Aug. 2, as a result of a boating accident.

According to a report from the Corson County Sheriff’s Office, at around 8:20 a.m. Mountain Time (MDT), on Friday, a caller reported a possible boating accident on the west end of the U.S. Highway 12 Bridge. The caller reported seeing a boating traveling in a circle on Lake Oahe and seeing people in the water and along the shoreline. The Corson County Sheriff’s Office, Mobridge Police Department, Mobridge Fire Department, the South Dakota Department of Game, Fish and Parks, Standing Rock Game and Fish and the BIA responded to the scene.

According to information from the boat operator, William Gant, 57, of Mobridge, he and Figuracion, 67, were travelling north in a boat powered by a 75 horsepower tiller operated motor.

Something happened that caused the motor to flip at 90 degrees, sending both men overboard into the water. Neither man was wearing a life jacket. The boat was traveling at about 28 mph, according to the report.

Both Gant and Figuracion attempted to swim to the pillars of the Highway 12 Bridge for safety. Gant was able to swim to one of the bridge pillars where two teenagers who were bow fishing in the area rescued him. Figuracion was last seen attempting to swim to the bridge but did not make it to the pillars.

Gant was transported to the Mobridge Regional Hospital and treated for minor injuries.

Unsuccessful attempts were made to stop the unoccupied spinning boat on the water when the decision was made to monitor the area until the boat finally ran out of fuel and came to a stop.

Personnel from 12 agencies including the Corson County and Walworth County Sheriff’s Offices, Mobridge Police and Fire Departments, South Dakota GF & P, Standing Rock Game and Fish, Standing Rock BIA Law Enforcement, Selby Police Department, Mobridge and Standing Rock Ambulance Services and the Pierre Fire/Rescue Dive Team searched for Figuracion through the weekend until his body found with sonar and was recovered on Sunday Aug. 4, at 12:25 p.m. MDT. Divers from the Pierre Fire and Rescue team were sent down into 52-foot deep waters to successfully retrieve the body.

According to the sheriff’s report the investigation of the incident by the Corson County Sheriff’s Office and South Dakota GF&P is continuing.

Kesling Funeral Home of Mobridge is in charge of services for Figuracion.



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