KATIE ZERR: How can Fillner still be in office?


Recent revelations that Anthony Wiener has again become involved in yet another sexting scandal were not surprising and bordered on the pathetic. It seems so incredibly stupid after he was given a second chance by his wife and the mother of his child, and the people of New York, that he would go right back to this immature pastime that hopefully this time, will end his political career.

While Wiener, a Democrat, is a pathetic figure, the mayor of San Diego, Robert Filner, also a Democrat, is one that is surprising and contemptuous.

Thirteen  women have publicly claimed that Filner had sexually harassed them, including a Marilyn Monroe impersonator who appeared at one of his fundraisers, and a nurse who said Filner demanded a date in exchange for helping a Marine who had suffered a brain injury and PTSD during service in Iraq.

His accusers include women of strength and those in powerful positions: the vice president of external relations for the San Diego Unified Port District; a psychologist who works in the San Diego Unified School District, a senior vice president of General Atomics and a Navy rear admiral.

How is it possible that a man with a PhD., and who has served the public for more than 30 years, can think that it is acceptable to manhandle women? This is a well-educated individual, a Cornell graduate, a university professor and long-time member of the House of Representatives.

In what world can this man believe that he was above the law and that it is proper to rub his hand on the face of a rear admiral and ask her if she has a man in her life?

The City of San Diego now has rules that Filner is not allowed to be in his office with a female without having a “handler” in the room.

The mayor of a major city cannot be trusted to keep his hands off a female and he is still in office?

Seven of the nine city council members have requested that Filner resign. He has refused.

He went into two weeks of intense therapy, only to leave a week early.

This guy still thinks he is fit to serve the public.

While Wiener’s actions are those of a childish preteen who is caught up in his sexual fantasies and new technical toys, Filner’s border on delusional.

But something happened this week that could be the nail in Filner’s political coffin.

While Filner is still welcome in his San Diego City Hall office, the 70-year-old former Congressman is now unwelcome in Hooters.

A national restaurant chain best known for having waitresses wear scant tank tops and tight orange shorts have posted signs saying that they would not serve Filner.

The signs in four San Diego Hooters read: “This establishment recognizes that we all have political differences and we serve people from all walks of life. We also believe it is imperative for people to have standards. The mayor of San Diego will not be served in this establishment. We believe women should be treated with respect.”

The mayor is also banned from Hooters locations in the nearby towns of Mission Valley, Oceanside and Rancho Bernardo.

This has to be the ultimate sign that Filner isn’t fit for any position of power in this country.

What a sad statement for a man who fought for civil rights and served as a staffer under the late Senator Hubert H. Humphrey. He served on the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs and ascended to the chairmanship.

This is a man who advocated for funding for veterans benefits, increased spending on veterans healthcare, and a new GI bill for veterans of Afghanistan and Iraq.

Yet, in his mind felt it was fine to grab the behind of a woman in his administration at a public event and claim he was checking to see if it were still there.

My question is, why is he still there?


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