Curb and gutter start of the ‘End of Line’ project


By Katie Zerr –

Seeing the basic design for the South Dakota State University (SDSU) student project at Wrigley Square Monday, Aug. 19, the Mobridge City Council approved moving forward with the project.

Professor Brian Rex, head of the architecture department at SDSU, presented a basic design for what is being called the End of Line Project (in reference to the railroad passenger and freight drop-off at Wrigley Square.) He showed the group a number of views of the elevated, triangular structure to be built with precast concrete panels in partnership with Gage Bros. of Sioux Falls, the company funding the project.

Rex said a team has been assembled that includes 15 students and six others connected with the university. The team includes Tom Kelly of Gage Brothers; Rex; Professor Tad Bradley, Architecture department; Professor Don Burger, department of plant sciences; Professor Christine Stewart, department of creative writing; Professors Josh Wagner and Alex Krug, department of Agriculture.

He also presented a time line for the 5,400 square foot project, as the deadline is the end of the first semester in December.

He asked that the first council meeting in September include design input from the council and members of a contact committee in Mobridge. That committee includes Erin Wheeler of the parks and recreation board and waterfront development committee; Haden Bowie, Mobridge Chamber of Commerce and planning and zoning officer; and councilmen Tony Yellow Boy and Randy Carlson.

At the second meeting in September, the students will give a detailed presentation on the design for review and approval of the council.

In October, the students will set footing for the structure, build the framework and fabricate the auxiliary structures.

In November the students will set panels at the site, complete the site work and set auxiliary structures.

In December there will be a documentation of the structure and a wrap-up meeting and ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Rex estimated about $80,000 will be invested in the project in materials and labor when it is completed.

He asked that input from the city include amenities that are accessible from the End of the Line site. He showed the council how the Sitting Bull monument is in sight through one of the panels of the structure. He also showed parts of projects that have already been completed using the concrete (including a map of the Dakota territory) and some of the methods used to create various surfaces and colors on concrete.

He showed the council the water drainage in Wrigley would not change would only  be altered by the structure.

The council approved a $6,700 curb and gutter project at the site with funding coming out of the Riverfront Development budget.

“Anyone who has talked to me has been positive about this project,” said Mobridge Mayor Jamie Dietterle. “It will be an asset to the city.”

Rex said the project would mark the historical area for the City of Mobridge and the State of South Dakota.

“This was the beginning of the city right here,” he said as he showed differing views of the structure.


Changing zoning

Mobridge Planning and Zoning Officer Haden Bowie asked the council to consider changing an area along Eighth Street East between Ggrand Crossing and Airport Road (County Road 3) from residential to commercial.

She said there currently are other businesses (Mobridge Candy, Mobridge Manufacturing) located in the area and there has been no objection from the few residents located in that section of town.

Bowie reported Zach Milliken has applied for a building permit that would allow him to build a 40-foot by 40-foot commercial building to house his electrical business at 1822 Eighth Str. East.

She said designating the area as commercial would not limit the residential buildings in the area, but open it up to new business opportunities.

The council told Bowie they would consider the request and review the information before making a decision in September.



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