Rotary members will staff district basketball tourneys

By Peg Wunder

Rotary Chairman Mark Dady on Monday, Feb. 6, announced that the Wakpala School made a request for help with the boy’s and girl’s district basketball tournaments. Rotary agreed to help when Wakpala hosts the district basketball tournaments in Mobridge.

On Feb. 20 there will be one game, on Feb. 23 there will be two games and on Feb. 24 there will be one game. That schedule will be the same the next week with the boys’ teams. Dady will circulate a worker sign-up sheet next week when Rotary meets.

The winner of the Super Bowl was Bev Hatch for the grand prize of $l00. The names of Gary Steuck, John Haefner and Brad Jensen were drawn and each won $50.

Marc McClellan handed out the NCAA Basketball Pool forms and urged everyone to be in contact with the people they had last year. Chances are $l0.

Herb McClellan reminded everyone of the Rotary Track Meet, which is scheduled for April 20. He will check with the school and make a formal report in several weeks as to what the school needs for the meet and what Rotary needs to get ready for the meet.

Michele Harrison announced that Business Day at the Legislature will be held Feb. 23. Anyone interested in attending should contact Michelle at the Chamber of Commerce.

Harrison was present to claim the 50/50 pot. Cindi Volk will have the program next Monday when Rotary meets at noon at the Moose Club.

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