Changes are made to state DOT plan


DiggingChanges have been made to the timetable of the Grand Crossing/Highway 1804 project as the end of the construction season gets closer.

According to South Dakota Department of Transportation Mobridge Area Engineer John Villbrandt, changes are being made, but some of those are tentative, depending on the end of the season.

“In the next month, we are planning to get from Main Street east to Revheim Road paved,” he said on Monday, Aug. 25, “then do the asphalt work on Highway 1804.”

Villbrandt said the Department of Transportation (DOT) is changing the plan as time is running out to complete the project before the cold weather sets in.

“There is no one reason for delays, there was just so much work to be done,” he said.

“We don’t want to be tearing things up west of Main Street and have a gravel surface we can’t maintain during the winter.”

Tentative changes to the project include completion of the curb and gutter work east of Fourth Avenue East on Tuesday and starting to grind down the surface on the north side of Grand Crossing from Fourth Avenue East to Revheim Road. Traffic will be diverted to the two south lanes, with two-way traffic through that area.

Villbrandt said the asphalt would be laid in three layers of two inches each. The first two layers will be laid in the north lanes then traffic will be diverted to the those lanes, while the south two lanes from Main Street to Revheim Road will be ground down, leveled and the two layers of asphalt laid.

The final layer will be laid on the alternate lanes to finish the east side of the project.

While the asphalt is being set, the concrete work will continue from Fourth Avenue East west to Main Street. When the asphalt work is done on Grand Crossing, two layers will be set on Highway 1804 north to the corner east of Oahe Hills Golf Course.

He said work on the corners along Grand Crossing would also be done to ensure the stoplights are working.

If there is enough time, Villbrandt said some work could be done from Seventh Avenue West to the U.S. Highway 12, before the construction season ends.

“For the most part we don’t think any more work will be done on West Grand Crossing before next spring,” he said. “We want all four lanes of traffic open and paved during the winter months.”

Villbrandt said new lights along East Grand Crossing and Highway 1804 will be installed as soon as possible as the conduit work is complete and the light stands installed. He said the old lights would be left and be working on the west side of Main Street until work begins next spring.

“As of right now this is the plan,” he said. “That can change if we see that we can’t get all of this work done before the cold sets in.”

Villbrandt said if changes to the plans occur, that information will be made public.

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