Villbrandt leads golfers to third place at Milbank


By Jay Davis

Tyler Villbrandt shot an 84 to take seventh place at the Milbank Poets Invitational.

Tyler Villbrandt shot an 84 to take seventh place at the Milbank Poets Invitational.

Tyler Villbrandt took seventh place, leading the Tigers to third place at the season-opening Milbank Poet Invitational on Thursday.
“It was awesome that we achieved our goal of third place as a team. It was difficult for the boys to play the toughest course out of the gate,” said coach Jason Weisbeck, “but they did well and made the most of their rounds. Hazards on 13 of the holes!”
Villbrandt shot 41-43-84 to earn his top 10 finish. Eric Looyenga and David Jensen finished in the top 20. Looyenga just missed medaling. He shot 44-48-88 and came in 11th. Jensen took 18th with a 43-48-91. Mitch Heumiller shot 43-56-99 for 31st and Joey Heil shot 57-54-111 for 47th.
“Every golfer struggled from time to time with the course, but the numbers showed Tyler persevered,” said Weisbeck. “It will be fun to see where we go from here.
Aberdeen Roncalli was the class of the opener. Michael Duch beat Keaton Dieter in extra holes to win medalist honors. The Cavaliers shot 323 to win the team title. Madison was second with a 344. The third-place Tigers shot 362.
The Tigers will host Winner and Cheyenne-Eagle Butte tomorrow at Oahe Hills Golf Course. Tee time is 10 a.m.
A change has been made to the season schedule. The Sept. 10 date at Redfield-Doland has been dropped. The Tigers will play in the Groton Area Invitational on Sept. 14 instead.

Milbank Poet Invitational
Team Scores: Aberdeen Roncalli 323, Madison 344, Mobridge-Pollock 362, Aberdeen Central 365, Sioux Valley 367, Milbank 372, Groton Area 381, Watertown 390, Redfield-Doland 391, Sisseton 415.
Individual Results
Medalists: 1. Michael Duch, Aberdeen Roncalli, 35-41-76; 2. Keaton Deiter, Aberdeen Roncall, 39-37-76; 3. Tayler Andersen, Madison, 41-38-79; 4. Gabe Heller, Aberdeen Roncalli, 39-42-81; 5. Oliver Farmen, Redfield-Doland, 37-45-82; 6. Shea Krause, Aberdeen Central, 47-36-83; 7. Tyler Villbrandt, Mobridge-Pollock, 41-43-84; 8. Jayden Engels, Watertown, 44-42-86; 9. Shawn Goetz, Aberdeen Central, 42-44-86; 10. Trae Vandeberg, Madison, 42-45-87;
The Field: 11. Eric Looyenga, Mobridge-Pollock, 44-44-88; 12. Brandon Burg, Madison, 45-43-88; 13. Sean Zimny, Milbank, 44-45-89; 14. J.P. Lindquist, Milbank, 47-42-89; 15. Nick Strasburg, Sioux Valley, 45-44-89; 16. Zach Streier, Aberdeen Roncalli, 48-42-90; 17. Tanner Burg, Madison, 40-50-90; 18. David Jensen, Mobridge-Pollock, 43-48-91; 19. Nate Algood, Sioux Valley, 42-49-91; 20. Reilly Ell, Groton Area, 43-49-92;
21. Hunter Jamison, Madison, 47-45-92; 22. Austin Deibert, Sioux Valley, 45-48-93; 23. Mason Madsen, Groton Area, 48-46-94; 24. Parker Rossow, Groton Area, 45-49-94; 25. Greg Reeter, Sioux Valley, 43-51-94; 26. Brady Gomer, Milbank, 49-46-95; 27. Eric DeBoer, Aberdeen Central, 46-49-95; 28. Kasten Archer, Sisseton, 48-48-96; 29. Sam Batta, Watertown, 51-45-96; 30. Gabe Sucher, Redfield-Doland, 49-49-98;
31. Adam Thomas, Milbank, 59-49-99; 32. Mitch Heumiller, Mobridge-Pollock, 43-56-99; 33. Jacob Gellhaus, Aberdeen Roncalli, 48-51-99; 34. Andrew Fitz, Sisseton, 49-50-99; 35. Austin Chase, Sioux Valley, 44-56-100; 36. Josh Anderson, Aberdeen Central, 47-54-101; 37. Brody Sombke, Groton Area, 52-49-101; 38. Nate Neilsen, Sisseton, 51-52-103; 39. Sever Burghardt, Watertown, 46-57-103; 40. Hunter Avery, Redfield-Doland, 53-52-105;
41. Robbie Luken, Watertown;, 50-55-105; 42. Dalton Jessen, Redfield-Doland, 55-51-106; 43. Luke Eide, Watertown, 53-53-106; 44. Ryan Schreurs, Milbank, 50-58-108; 45. Landon Beck, Aberdeen Central, 54-54-108; 46. Joey Heil, Mobridge-Pollock, 57-54-111; 48. Lance Stephens, Redfield-Doland, 55-60-115; 49. Luke Sternhagen, Groton Area, 60-56-116; 50. Mitch Hansen, Sisseton, 56-61-117; 51. Ethan Kranhold, Sisseton, 62-56-118.

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