JAY DAVIS:Doing right thing causes trouble for Jets coach


In New York City a football coach can get in trouble for doing something the right way off the football field. In Texas a star quarterback can get away with doing nearly everything the wrong way off the football field.

These are the days of New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan and Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel.

Look: Rex Ryan is a marked man in New York. Entering his fifth season, the J-E-T-S Jets, Jets, Jets are going backwards. After playing in the AFC championship game each of his first two seasons, his team has gone 14-18 the last two seasons. For that, he deserved the flak he is getting.

But what Ryan is taking a lot of heat for is something he did on the personal and family landscape on Saturday. While the NFL was facing its final few hours before all rosters had to be cut to 53 players, Ryan left the Jets to go watch his son play for Clemson as the Tigers were facing the Georgia Bulldogs. Never mind that Seth Ryan is a walk-on who dressed but did not get in the game, mind that Ryan took a day off to go to his son’s game.

At Ryan’s next press conference he explained his reasoning. It was simple: almost all of the decisions had already been made by the team’s hierarchy as to who was going to make the team and who wasn’t. It was essentially a day off. Besides, he was in constant contact with the GM for any last-minute changes that might be made. Everything was taken care of from a job standpoint.

The most important decision was that he was going to go to one of his son’s college football games while he had the chance! He was a father being a father.

The New York press didn’t like it. Ryan has been getting lambasted ever since.

On the other hand we have Johnny Manziel at A&M. First the kid spends the spring and summer on an American tour after winning the Heisman Trophy. He gets in trouble for signing autographs. He gets in trouble for partying and gets in trouble at parties. Between the college and the NCAA, the kid gets nothing but a slap on the wrist. He gets a half-game suspension. When Manziel gets to play in the second half, he ends up getting yanked again after getting a penalty for laying a verbal assault on a couple Rice players.

By the way, that was after leading the Aggies on three straight scoring drives so he won’t be punished much this time either. He won’t be disciplined much for this indiscretion either. There is too much at stake for A&M.

Maybe Ryan should have taken the day off to go to Manziel’s game and put a smack down on the youngster. Maybe that would have settled two issues that are not being properly handled.

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