Council again tables hangar decision


bid on building the revenue-producing hangar at Mobridge Regional Airport, the city council approved giving the mayor permission to sign necessary paperwork for the construction project.

After hearing information from Mike Schmit from Helms and Associates of Aberdeen report that because the second bidding process had concluded earlier on Tuesday afternoon, the firm had not had the time to closely review the bids and do any contractor research.

He said members of the firm would like to meet with contractors who submitted bids. He said the bids just opened on the modified project (the initial bids submitted were much over the projected cost of the project and the budget) plus the purchase of land near the airport for future projects, would consume the remainder of the federally allocated funds for the Mobridge Regional Airport for 2013, 2014 and much of the 2015 funding.

The council approved having Mayor Jamie Dietterle sign the grant application for federal assistance with the project and also to sign the acceptance of the funding once the grant comes through from Washington, D.C.

Completion date for the project has been moved to the spring of 2014 in order to allow more contractors to bid the project.



Building permits

Mobridge Planning and Zoning Officer Haden Merkel, told the council there has been a lot of confusion on the part of residents applying for building permits as to when those permits are valid.

She said many of those who submit applications begin on projects as soon as the application is filed and sometimes file after the project has been completed.

She asked for permission to clarify the process in the newspaper in order to clear up the misconceptions about the permits.

Mobridge City Attorney Rick Cain told Merkel that reminding those who completed projects before their permits were approved that there is a city ordinance making it a criminal act, may stop the dismissive attitude about the permits.

He also said if those projects did not meet code standards, and were built before the permits were approved, residents could be forced to tear those projects down.



Councilwoman Amy Cerney requested permission to use funds left in the annual budget for Scherr-Howe Event Center to help in the $13,675 cost of removing the backboards from the surface of the Oscar Howe murals.

She said because manager Ryan Enderson also worked for the street department and part of his wages were paid through that department, there was a $10,000 excess in the budget fund for Scherr-Howe.

“As we get closer to raising the funds needed to restore the murals, we need to remove those backboards,” she said. “This is the first step in preparing for the restoration. Next is moving the scoreboards.”

The anchors for the backboards will be moved to the ceiling of the gym.

The council approved using those funds to help in paying the cost of moving the backboards.

– Katie Zerr –


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