Saturday will be 21st volleyball invitational


By Jay Davisschedule

Before we get into a little bit of the history of the Mobridge/Mobridge-Pollock Invitational Volleyball Tournament, I understand a great big correction has to be made.
I has come to my attention that someone in the Tribune sports department dropped the ball big time and published a Lady Tiger volleyball schedule in the Fall Sports Preview that had about half the home and away games backwards on the schedule. Fingers have been slapped. The offender was quite red in the face when I bawled him out. By the way, the lambasting took place in front of a mirror. In case you have not noticed, the Tribune sports department begins and ends with yours truly. When a mistake is made it is pretty easy to find the offending writer. So, sorry about that. Here is a corrected (I hope) schedule if you need one.
Okay, that is settled, now onto the volleyball tournament.
This will be the 21st almost annual tournament hosted by the Lady Tigers.  I say almost because the tournament during the 1996-97 was cancelled due to a snowstorm.
The tourney began during the 1992-93 season. The Lady Tigers won the title that year.  It was of course the Mobridge tourney back then. It has been the Mobridge-Pollock tourney since 2008, and yes, the Lady Tigers won the title that year, too.
Overall, the Lady Tigers have won their own tournament six times. The girls are the two-time defending champs. Add three runner-up finishes and the Lady Tigers have played in the title match each of the last six years. While the girls have placed in the top four for 10 straight years, that was not always the case. In five of the first 10 tournaments they did not place at all.
If things go according to plan, the Lady Tigers will not only be winning their third straight title, they will also be celebrating the school’s 500th volleyball win. After last night’s win over Eureka-Bowdle, the volleyball team is sitting on 498 wins.
I will not be webcasting all day on Saturday. That would not be fair to volleyball fans. But I will be live at for the championship game, unless, of course, the Lady Tigers are playing for third, then I will cover that game.
No pressure girls, but there is no back-up plan after that.
The championship round matches will start somewhere in the last afternoon. Assistant coach Rick Bolduan approximates the start at anywhere from 5 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

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