It’s official: New library open for business


Nearly 200 people attended the long-awaited grand opening of the new addition to A.H. Brown Library, Thursday, Sept. 5, signaling the end of a arduous journey for many volunteers.

Among those who attended were members of the library board and foundation who fought hard to secure the funding for the new addition.

South Dakota State Librarian Daria Bossman was also in attendance. She spoke to the crowd about the hard work and dedication of those who brought about the new space and how though sometimes it seemed to be overwhelming, the hard work paid off.

“When I first came to the State Library in 2008, Karla was the new librarian and Mobridge was the first city library I visited,” Bossman said. “Back then the expansion was just a dream with a drawing on the billboard outside of the front door. You are to be commended for your vision, determination and drive to make this expansion and remodeling project possible.”

She explained because of the vision of the volunteers in the past 11 years, thousands of children and families would reap the benefits of for generations to come.

Bossman explained that public libraries are sometimes overlooked for what they did for a community, and often taken for granted.

“We forget that other countries and cultures do not have such an institution or even the concept of shared resources,” she told the crowd, “and unlimited individual rights to free information and the free exercise thereof.”

Bossman pointed out that in the digital and technological age, libraries, now more than ever, have a huge impact on a small community. With updated information available every day, anyone has the opportunity to access that information.

“Modern technology has brought these capabilities quite literally to our doorsteps,” she said. “Today’s small town library is a whole lot bigger than it looks on the outside.”

She thanked the group for their leadership in this part of the state and shared a quote from a library guru, Peter Morville, who said “A library, like a national park, teaches us that we all benefit when our most valuable treasures are held in common. In a wonderful and wacky manner, it inspires us to better ourselves.”

The ribbon cutting, attended by board and foundation members including Ione Stiles, long-time A.H. Brown head librarian, was the culmination of hard work and dedication of many of those in attendance.

“It was an amazing event and I am so thankful to everyone involved,” said Karla Bieber, library director.

Among those who attended the celebration were winners of the door prizes; Rondi Aberle, who won an Amazon Kindle Fire, and Kaylynn Swinson,  who won a Samsung Digital Camera donated by Ron and Sarah Giese.

– Katie Zerr –


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