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By Katie  Zerr

Readers who have wanted to share a little piece of wisdom, but didn’t want to write a letter to the editor can now do that, anonymously, through a new column in the Mobridge Tribune.

Taking a cue from area newspapers, the staff at the Tribune is giving our readers the chance to share their opinions in the upcoming “For What It’s Worth” column.

In no more than two sentences, let us know your thoughts on issues. They may be something that impacts us day-to-day, or they may be a question for more community contemplation.

For example: The hangar proposed for the Mobridge Airport is supposed to generate revenue. For whom?

Another example: The South Dakota Department of Transportation is to be commended for keeping traffic moving and making steady progress on the Grand Crossing project. Workers have gone the extra mile to make sure customers could get to businesses and kids could get to school.

The reason for this column is to stimulate dialogue through the comments. Comments may be positive or negative. All will be approved before they are published, although knowing how our editor enjoys controversy, we suspect most will be published.

Comments may be sent in different manners. Readers may email the two-sentence comment to with the subject line, “For What It’s worth.” You may also leave a message after hours on the office answering machine at 845-3646. Be sure to indicate the two-sentence comment is for the “For What It’s worth” column.

We look forward to hearing from our readers.



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