Lady Tigers finish third at Big Dakota tournament


By Jay Davis

The Lady Tigers suffered the second loss of the season in the semifinals, but bounced back to take third place at the Big Dakota Conference Tournament in Ft. Pierre on Saturday.
Mobridge-Pollock opened the tournament with an easy 25-15, 25-11 win over Todd County. They dropped a 25-17, 25-18 match to Miller in the semifinals, but bounced back to beat Chamberlain 25-18, 25-18 in the match for third place.
“The Miller loss was tough,” said coach Keri Bolduan. “But we played really well against Chamberlain. The communication started to come back.”
The win over Chamberlain was especially gratifying because the Cubs beat the Lady Tigers at the BDC last season.
The Lady Tigers were not their usual selves in the loss to Miller.
“I think the girls were nervous,” said Bolduan. “I think nerves played a part in the loss. We couldn’t get into a flow.”
Bolduan added that a lack of room for the girls to execute their aggressive style of serving might have played into the inconsistent play during the match. With two courts set up, the Lady Tigers, who had been averaging double-digit aces, managed just one ace against Miller. They had just 12 aces in the tournament.
“There was just little room for serving,” said Bolduan. “It was a tough adjustment.”
Following the tournament, Kayleigh Henderson and Maranda Wagner were named to the all-tournament team. They were joined by Lindsey Calhoon, Cassidy Hanson and Sara Husher of champion Winner; Jamie Menzter and Kristen Peterka of runner-up Miller; Kennedy Wagner of Chamberlain; Tiffany Shaving of consolation champion Cheyenne-Eagle Butte; Stevie Lone Dog of sixth-place Todd County; Hailey Norman of seventh-place Stanley County; and McKenna Vetter of eighth-place McLaughlin.

Big Dakota Conference Tournament
Mobridge-Pollock (11-2) 25 25
Chamberlain (4-6) 18 18
Mobridge-Pollock: Serving 46-51, 7 aces (Becca Martin 9-12-5, Maranda Wagner 8-8-2, Aundrea Kramer 9-9); Setting 87-88, 24 assists (Martin 71-71-24, Hoffman 8-8); Hitting 64-78, 30 kills (Kayleigh Henderson 15-17-10, Ellie Rabenberg 16-19-8, Kylee Wagner 10-15-4); Blocks 5 (Henderson 2, Kramer 2); Digs 41 (M. Wagner 20, Kramer 7, Rabenberg 7).

Mobridge-Pollock (10-2) 17 18
Miller (5-3) 25 25
Mobridge-Pollock: Serving 33-35, 1 ace (Henderson 9-10-1, Martin 8-8, Kramer 8-8); Setting 90-92, 17 assists (Martin 63-64-17, Hoffman 11-11); Hitting 71-80, 20 kills (Henderson 21-22-8, Rabenberg 14-16-6, Kramer 6-9-2); Blocks 2 (Henderson, Kramer); Digs 36 (M. Wagner 19, Rabenberg 7).

Mobridge-Pollock (10-1) 25 25
Todd County (2-2) 15 11
Mobridge-Pollock: Serving 48-49, 4 aces (Martin 18-18-1, Henderson 6-6-1, Hoffman 9-9); Setting 64-70, 15 assists (Martin 42-45-13, Kramer 12-13-2); Hitting 48-55, 18 kills (Henderson 18-18-8, Kramer 7-10-3, K. Wagner 6-6-3); Blocks 1 (Henderson); Digs 14 (M. Wagner 7, Rabenberg 3).
Championship: Winner over Miller 28-26, 25-18
Third Place: Mobridge-Pollock over Chamberlain 25-18, 25-18
Fifth Place: Cheyenne-Eagle Butte over Todd County 25-17-25-20
Seventh Place: Stanley County over McLaughlin 25-16, 23-25, 25-20
First Round: Mobridge-Pollock over Todd County 25-15, 25-11; Winner over Stanley County 25-6, 25-12; Chamberlain over Cheyenne-Eagle Butte 25-18, 23-25, 25-23; Miller over McLaughlin 25-10, 25-7.
Second Round: Miller over Mobridge-Pollock 25-17, 25-18; Winner over Chamberlain 25-11, 25-8; Cheyenne-Eagle Butte over Stanley County 25-20, 25-13, 28-26; Todd County over McLaughlin 17-25, 25-19, 25-20.

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