KATIE ZERR: We want to hear, share your thoughts


It is time for people in the community to have a forum for their thoughts on local, state and national issues without having to write a letter to the editor.

That is the reason we launched our “For What It’s Worth” column. Your thoughts in two sentences can speak volumes. Below is the first installment of the column and we hope that we will be publishing this column twice a month. Those who submit comments can do it anonymously, or can use their names if they wish.

We want people to talk about issues and what is on their minds. It is our hope this column will stimulate conversation, generate feedback on stories or weekly columns, or just about anything that relates to our lives.

This week there was a mixture of personal, local, state and national issues subjects which is what we had hoped would happen.

It is so easy for you to participate.

Just write down your thoughts in two sentences (or less) and send them to news@mobridgetribune.com, send a message to us on Facebook or use the Contact Us link on our website. For those of you who don’t want to use the computer, you can bring your comments to the office or leave a message on the answering service. Just be sure you clarify the message is for the “What It’s Worth” column.

We do reserve the right to refuse to publish if the submission is offensive or a personal attack on another citizen or business.

For those of you who don’t think you can squeeze your thoughts into a two-sentence platform, there are always letters to the editor, which we strongly encourage.

– Katie Zerr –

My experience with depression and anxiety was like wearing blinders or having tunnel vision and I couldn’t see the brighter side of life. If you feel this way or know someone who does, please get help before it is too late. 

Congress is like watching the neighborhood kids in a kickball game. When things don’t go their way, the owner of the ball picks it up and leaves while all the rest of the kids stand there calling names and blaming the others for stopping the game.


I am always pleased to see  schools accepting students with open arms who have been chased out of another school system because of bullying. Having said this, it worries me to think about those children left behind to continue to deal with these issues when no one else will.


Thank goodness Jason Gant has decided not to run again for Sec. of State. I think he sees the writing on the wall—-S.D. citizens have had enough of the negative publicity that office attracted.


Looking forward to having our streets done! But would like the crew that is patrolling the vehicles to know what is going on!


The project at Wrigley Square is exciting and enhances South Main Street. It would be good if we knew more about the land south of the railroad tracks, who owns it, how to buy it, and what incentives might be available for development.


I think we need to fight against the Keystone pipeline.


“The triangle” at Wrigley Square is a great idea! Just think, it even divides the traffic lanes!


It can be a pain to get around our town right now, but when all the work is done, we will have a Grand Crossing that matches the beauty of our Main Street and City Park

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