JAY DAVIS: Scherr-Howe basketball games sound good to me


What I said in passing conversation was, “I think it’s pretty cool that we’ll be playing basketball at Scherr-Howe next week.”

What I heard in response was, “You might be the only one.”

Oh, how quickly we forget.

From the time the “new” Municipal Auditorium opened in late 1937, it was home to the Tiger basketball team. From the late ‘50s on it was home to the wrestling team. In the ‘70s came the Lady Tiger basketball team and the volleyball team in the ‘80s.

For every player and parent except the youngest and most recent, the hallowed gym is full of memories. Some of the Bridge City’s greatest wins (and sourest defeats) happened at Scherr-Howe.

The Mobridge and Winner boys have waged battle there 24 times. The girls have fought each other there 10 times.

And now it seems I am on a short list of people who think the Tigers and Warriors waging another battle within the confines of the Oscar Howe murals is going to be great fun.

For those of you who do not know why this is happening, let me explain. Mobridge is hosting the Region 4B Wrestling Tournament at Mobridge-Pollock High School on Saturday, Feb. 18. The high school gym will have to be ready for visiting wrestling teams the evening before when Mobridge-Pollock and Winner are scheduled to play basketball. The gym NEEDS to be set up for wrestling. It does not NEED to be left for the basketball teams and then hastily set up for the wrestling tournament.

When the Bridge City gets to host something as big as a regional, all efforts must be made to put on a class show. You see Mobridge is out on this little island, so to speak, in South Dakota sports. Nearly every school we compete against can think of a better place for postseason tournaments than here. It is farther for everyone to travel because of our location.

The towns and fans traveling to Mobridge for the region will come from Martin, Custer, Hill City, Hot Springs,  Philip, Red Cloud, Rapid City, Buffalo, Newell, Ft. Pierre, Onida, Lemmon and Gettysburg.

Look at the list. Think of all the choices that would make it an easier weekend of travel for the majority of the towns involved. Never mind that some of those choices are terrible for us. I’m talking about why we have to be the best hosts we can be.

We have to do our best so all the wrestling teams and all the wrestling fans leave here thinking, “That was a first-class job Mobridge did!”

A lot of things have to go into running a classy tournament in two weeks. We won’t go into the details here, except that one of those details is NOT having basketball in the same gym as the wrestling.

Besides, we have one of the best basketball venues in the entire state sitting on Main Street. Enjoy the games at Scherr-Howe. What the heck, many of you will get to enjoy them from the exact same seat you sat in for a whole lot of years and a whole lot of ball games. Sometimes a blast from the past is good for your blood.

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