Archambault elected to lead Standing Rock Tribe


Residents of Standing Rock Reservation have elected a new chairman as tribe’s election commission certified the results of the Wednesday, Sept. 25 election on Monday.

Dave Archambault II will lead the Standing Rock tribe for the next four years defeating Mike Faith for the tribal chairman position, 1,025-904, according to the certified results.

Archambault captured seven of the eight districts, with Faith topping the vote in Porcupine. Archambault will replace longtime chairman Charles Murphy, who did not run for reelection.

He now serves as director of the Tribal College Consortium for Developing Montana and North Dakota Workforce at United Tribes Technical and is a business owner on the reservation.

Other election results that were certified report that Jesse McLaughlin was elected vice chairman over Sharon Two Bears, 1,424-501. Adele White was elected tribal secretary over Katherine Bailey, 993-918.

The following tribal council races also were certified by the commission:

Bear Soldier district: Joe White Mountain Jr., 188, Errol Crow Ghost 107.

Cannon Ball district: Cody Two Bears 140, Robert Fool Bear Sr., 137.

Kenel district: Frank White Bull 64, Clyde Walking Elk 40.

Long Soldier district: James Dunn 334, Henry Harrison 328.

Porcupine district: Samuel “Ben” Harrison 78, Michael Murphy 57.

Rock Creek district: Milton Brown Otter 80, Matt Lopez 67.

Running Antelope district: Robert Taken Alive 94, Frank Jamerson Jr., 87.

Wakpala district: Duane Claymore 75, Melvin Wayne Looking Back 64.

– Katie Zerr –


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