Heumiller earns top-20 finish at State A Golf Tournament


By Jay Davis

Mobridge-Pollock golfer Mitch Heumiller polished of his senior season by tying for 16th place and earning all-state honors at the State A Golf Tournament in Hartford on Monday and Tuesday.

Mobridge-Pollock golfer Mitch Heumiller polished of his senior season by tying for 16th place and earning all-state honors at the State A Golf Tournament in Hartford on Monday and Tuesday.

Mitch Heumiller finished his high school golf career as an all-state member after finishing tied for 16th at the State A Golf Tournament at Central Valley Golf Club in Hartford on Monday and Tuesday.
“I am very proud of how Mitch held his composure throughout the 36 holes,” said coach Jason Weisbeck. “He did well to maintain and really persevered through the wind and pressure of day two to bring home some hardware. What a great way to end a high school golf career.”
Heumiller set the stage for his top 20 finish by shooting an 82 on the opening day. He was tied for ninth after Monday’s play. He dropped a few strokes on Tuesday, shooting an 87, but that was a strong enough round for him to come in at 169, tied for 16th with Oliver Farmen of Redfield-Doland.
The rest of the Tigers found enough trouble that they could not give a solid push to challenge a top-20 finish. Eric Looyenga shot 90-91-181 to tie for 45th. Tyler Villbrandt shot 91-93-184 and came in tied for 54th. David Jensen shot 94-97-191 to tie for 66th. Carson Keller shot 97-99 and came in 76th.
“The other boys struggled with parts of the course or their games at times, which led to the higher scores,” said Weisbeck. “The atmosphere of playing in the state tournament is something, bringing along with it a lot of pressure, spectators and expectations. Tyler and Eric have had a lot of success throughout their high school careers and for that I am proud. David and Carson will have another shot at it.”
The Tigers shot 725 and took 10th in team points. They were in 12th after shooting 357 on Monday. They dropped nine shots with a 368 on Tuesday, but were able to move up two spots on the team board.
Michael Duch of Aberdeen Roncalli shot 72-76-148 two win the individual state title.
Dell Rapids shot 662 to edge Parkston by one stroke and win the team state championship.

State A Golf Tournament
Team Scores: Dell Rapids 662, Parkston 663, Aberdeen Roncalli 670, Madison 671, West Central 681, Dakota Valley 690, St. Thomas More 697, Canton 716, Sioux Falls Christian 718, Mobridge-Pollock 725, Winner 729, Lead-Deadwood 732, Sioux Valley 737, Custer 819.
Individual Results: 1. Michael Duch, Aberdeen Roncalli, 72-76-148; 2. Adam Karst, Dell Rapids, 73-78-151; 3. Jake Weber, Parkston, 85-70-155; 4. Dylan From, West Central, 82-77-159; 5. Tayler Anderson, Madison, 80-80-160; 6. (tie) Tanner Burg, Madison, 82-80-162, Jeron Laurenti, St. Thomas More, 75-87-162; 8. (tie) Ty Kinneberg, Parkston, 76-87-163, Ben Williams, Dakota Valley, 78-85-163; 10. (tie) Lee Wynja, Sioux Falls Christian, 83-8-1164, Keaton Deiter, Aberdeen Roncalli, 81-83-164;
12. (tie) Kory Diefendorf, Beresford, 87-79-166, Jayden Bruun, Winner, 84-82-166; 14. (tie) Zach Schroeder, Dell Rapids, 80-87-167, Riley Danielsen, West Central, 84-83-167; 16. (tie) Mitch Heumiller, Mobridge-Pollock, 82-87-169, Oliver Farmen, Redfield-Doland, 82-87-169; 18. (tie) Garret Hohn, Parkston, 84-86-170, Thomas High, Dakota Valley, 85-85-170; 20. Devon Weber, Dell Rapids, 86-85-171;
21. (tie) Gabe Heller, Aberdeen Roncalli, 83-90-173, Ty Hodlund, Dell Rapids, 84-89-173; 23. (tie) Austin Chase, Sioux Valley, 87-88-175, Jacob Lee, Parkston, 86-89-175, Jordan Sehr, Canton, 84-91-175, Cooper Williams, Vermillion, 85-90-175; 27. (tie) Cameron Stone, West Central, 88-88-176, Colin Murphy, Tea Area, 87-89-176, Hunter Jamison, Madison, 83-93-176; 30. (tie) Nate Algood, Sioux Valley, 85-92-177, Jamie Smith, Parkston, 86-91-177, Andy Huntington, Sioux Falls Christian, 84-93-177;
33. (tie) Nick Lust, St. Thomas More, 94-84-178, Caleb Ranschau, Canton, 91-87-178, Chandler Casey, St. Thomas More, 90-88-178, Brandon Burg, Madison, 83-95-178; 37. (tie) Tyler Schrunk, Dakota Valley, 88-91-179, Henry O’Meara, St. Thomas More, 83-96-179, Jameson Bull, Dakota Valley, 90-89-179, Colton Sierra, Red Cloud, 90-89-179, Andrew Heine, Vermillion, 87-92-179, Devlin Rue, West Central, 90-89-179;
43. (tie) Jacob Wente, Dakota Valley, 89-91-180, Brett Enright, Lead-Deadwood, 90-90-180; 45. (tie) Eric Looyenga, Mobridge-Pollock, 90-91-181, Trae Vendeburg, Madison, 91-90-181, Brett Mattson, Lead-Deadwood, 87-94-181; 48. (tie) Kevin Frick, Canton, 90-92-182, Carter Andre, Vermillion, 86-96-182, Alex DeJong, Canton, 91-91-192, Lucas Jedlicki, Winner, 90-92-182, Cameron Enright, Lead-Deadwood, 87-95-182;
53. Sean Zimney, Milbank, 87-96-183; 54. (tie) Tyler Villbrandt, Mobridge-Pollock, 91-93-194, Cole Rockafellow, West Central, 95-89-184; 56. (tie) Austin Metter, Belle Fourche, 97-89-186, Zach Streier, Aberdeen Roncalli, 92-94-186; 58. Anthony Bizardie, Todd County, 94-93-187; 59. Jake Peterson, Canton, 90-98-188; 60. (tie) Matt Schock, Sioux Falls Christian, 94-95-189, Bobby Pourier, Red Cloud, 95-94-189, Joey Fox, Lead-Deadwood, 91-98-189;
63. (tie) Landon Engel, Winner, 88-102-190, Jacob Gellhaus, Aberdeen Roncalli, 97-93-190, Marcus Schouten, Sioux Falls Christian, 93-97-190; 66. (tie) David Jensen, Mobridge-Pollock, 94-97-191, Sam Hossle, Winner, 89-102-191, Nick Strasburg, Sioux Valley, 95-96-191, Adam Hutmacher, Chamberlain, 100-91-191; 70. Kolby Newborg, Tea Area, 93-99-192;
71. (tie) Lucas Schreurs, Tea Area, 88-105-193, Mason Schmidt, Dell Rapids, 98-95-193; 73. (tie) Greg Reeter, Sioux Valley, 94-100-194, Bennett Harmelink, Sioux Falls Christian, 92-102-194; 75. Buzz Jordan, St. Francis Indian, 96-99-195; 76. Carson Keller, Mobridge-Pollock, 97-99-196; 77. (tie) Nate Nielsen, Sisseton, 101-96-197, Brady Gomer, Milbank, 100-97-197, Peyton Ferebee, Hot Springs, 99-98-197; 80. (tie) Ethan Kranhold, Sisseton, 100-98-198, Cole Conrad, Custer, 102-96-198;
82. Alex Montoya, St. Thomas More, 101-98-199; 83. (tie) Luke Leverington, Belle Fourche, 102-99-201, Dru Espinoza, St. Francis Indian, 100-101-201; 85. (tie) NuVassie Blacksmith, Red Cloud, 95-107-202, Adam Thomas, Milbank, 101-101-202; 87. Noah Zacher, Custer, 101-102-203; 88. Jake Cinco, Lennox, 108-98-206; 89. Kole Vollmer, Hot Springs, 105-102-207; 90. Mason Madsen, Groton Area, 106-104-201;
91. Adam Baker, Custer, 112-99-211; 92. Sid Durrin, Winner, 106-107-213; 93. Blake Martinz, Custer, 109-105-214; 94. Parker Rossow, Groton Area, 105-111-216; 95. Lane Robb, Custer, 105-116-221; 96. Evan Kirkpatrick, Hot Springs, 107-122-229; 97. Carson Mertens, Lead-Deadwood, 130-119-249.

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