Runners earn medals at CSDC meet


By Jay Davis

ReAnne Hanley, Mary Martin and Sam Weleba had medal-winning races at the Central South Dakota Conference Meet in Gettysburg on Wednesday.
Hanley and Martin finished eighth and 11th, respectively, in the girls’ division. Hanley ran her race in 18 minutes, 13 seconds. Martin ran an 18:33.  Emma Fulkerson just maede the top 15, coming in 14th at 18:56.
The girls teamed to scored 31 points and take third place.
Led by individual conference champ Hannah Flatt, Potter County won the team title with nine points.
Weleba ran a 20:18 to take 12th in the boys’ division and earn his CSDC medal. Justin Nobles came up just short of a medal, taking 16th with a time of 20:42. Aaron Jacobs ran a 20:56 for 19th, while Justin Jacobs ran a 21:22 for 21st.
The Tigers finished fifth with 43 points. Miller won the team title with 11 points. Jace Kraft of Wessington Springs (second in state last year) won the race and the conference title with a time of 16:56.

The Tigers and Lady Tigers will run for the right to go to state at the Region 4A Meet in Chamberlain on Thursday.
“Any of the current runners have the ability to qualify as individual for the state meet,” said Hettick. “They will have to push themselves harder than they have yet this year in order to do so.”
The Tigers will be competing against host Chamberlain, Cheyenne-Eagle Butte, Crow Creek, Miller, Mt. Vernon-Plankinton, St. Francis, Todd County, Wagner and Winner.
Medaling at the regional will give runners the opportunity to compete in the State A Cross Country Meet at Elks Golf Course in Rapid City on Oct.26.

Central South Dakota Meet
Boys Division
Team Points: Miller 11, Sully Buttes 25, Chamberlain 32, Wessington Springs 39, Mobridge-Pollock 43, Potter County 55.
Individual Results: 1. Jase Kraft, Wessington Springs, 16:56; 2. Cole Sargent, Miller, 18:02; 3. Mason Breitling, Miller, 18:52; 4. Josh Lamb, Sully Buttes, 19:02; 5. Jacob Lopez, Chamberlain, 19:13; 6. Trey Waldrop, Miller, 19:16; 7. Morgan Hauke, Chamberlain, 19:28; 8. Ethan Weinheimer, Sully Buttes, 19:42; 9. Carl Cronin, Potter County, 19:51; 10. Beau Keeter, Miller, 20:06;
11. Hunter Russell, Miller, 20:13; 12. Sam Weleba, Mobridge-Pollock, 20:18; 13. Bramm Pickner, Sully Buttes, 20:22; 14. Lucas Simpson, Miller, 20:29; 15. Josh Gilliland, Sully Buttes, 20:39; 16. Justin Nobles, Mobridge-Pollock, 20:42; 17. Colin Weidenbach, Highmore-Harrold, 20:48; 18. Jason Manning, Miller, 20:51; 19. Justin Jacobs, Mobridge-Pollock, 20:56; 20. Nick Paulson, Wessington Springs, 20:58;
21. Aaron Jacobs, Mobridge-Pollock, 21:22; 22. Jacob Heezan, Miller, 21:37; 23. Reed Feller, Sully Buttes, 21:38; 24. Jacob Steckelberg, Chamberlain, 21:39; 25. Hayden Peterman, Miller, 21:49; 26. Austin Wiley, Sully Buttes, 22:26; 27. Clayton Keck, Miller, 22:38; 28. Owen Witte, Wessington Springs, 22:45; 29. Josh Weinheimer, Sully Buttes, 22:51; 30. Chris Nemec, Highmore-Harrold, 22:59; 31. Trevor Parmely, Miller, 23:21; 32. Scott Glodt, Potter County, 23:22; 33. Zach Hough, Chamberlain, 24:20; 34. Joseph Mangin, Potter County, 24:41.

Girls Division
Team Points: Potter County 9, Chamberlain 12, Mobridge-Pollock 31, Highmore-Harrold 44.
Individual Results: 1. Hannah Flatt, Potter County, 16:03; 2. Anna Byers, Chamberlain, 16:33; 3. Sarah McClure, Potter County, 17:16; 4. Brittany Goodlow, Chamberlain, 17:36; 5. Delanie Larson, Potter County, 17:38; 6. Ella Byers, Chamberlain, 17:51; 7. Alayna Steckelberg, Chamberlain, 17:51; 8. ReAnne Hanley, Mobridge-Pollock, 18:13; 9. Shaye Jungwirth, Potter County, 18:16; 10. Maddy Tyrell, Chamberlain, 18:24
11. Mary Martin, Mobridge-Pollock, 18:33; 12. Hannah Weinheimer, Sully Buttes, 18:36; 13. Bailey Bradford, Sully Buttes, 18:40; 14. Emma Fulkerson, Mobridge-Pollock, 18:56; 15. Josey Aasby, Highmore-Harrold, 19:08; 16. Shawnda Rausch, Potter County, 19:16; 17. Emma Weyand, Potter County, 19:46; 18. Dani McCauley, Highmore-Harrold, 19:52; 19. Brianna Beckler, Highmore-Harrold, 19:54; 20. Jessie Ristau, Chamberlain, 20:34;
21. Lilli Cronin, Potter County, 20:35; 22. Shelby Kilian, Potter County, 20:49; 23. Rani Eimers, Chamberlain, 21:17; 24. Amy Woodruff, Wessington Springs, 22:47; 25. Katie Manning, Miller, 23:05.

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