JAY DAVIS: Quirky schedule features home games galore


Parents of basketball players and fans of the game are willing to put on some winter miles to see the kids from their local high school play ball. Some years the miles are many and long. For fans of the Mobridge-Pollock High School teams, most of the trips will be counted in blocks.

Between the Tigers and Lady Tigers, 26 of the 40 basketball games will be played at Mobridge-Pollock High School Gymnasium. The Lady Tigers have one of the quirkiest schedules ever with 14 games at home and only six on the road. The Tigers schedule is not too bad either with 12 home and eight away dates.

By the time the regular season comes to an end the visiting teams will have traveled around 4,000 miles, round-trip, to come to the Bridge City and face the Tiger teams. And that is taking into account five home dates are doubleheaders this year. The Tigers and Lady Tigers will travel a combined 2,000 miles, but nearly 750 miles of that will be consumed on the trips to Chamberlain and Todd County alone.

The idea is to have as balanced a schedule as possible. Ten home games and 10 road games is the perfect setup for a 20-game schedule. Going through the schedules for all of the area teams it seems a perfect 10 and 10 schedule simply does not happen. One thing that makes it impossible is that our teams to the east play in the Yellowstone Trail Conference tournaments and the teams out west play in the Little Moreau Conference Tournaments, while Cheyenne-Eagle Butte and McLaughlin play in the Lakota Nation Invitational.

We’ll start in the east with Eureka-Bowdle and Herreid-Selby Area. Since they are co-ops, they split their home games so everyone travels a lot even if it is to a home game.

The Eureka-Bowdle boys and girls each play four games in Eureka and four games in Bowdle. They will also get the YTC championship round in Bowdle. That leaves 11 road games for each team.

The Herreid-Selby Area boys play three games each in Herreid and Selby with the first round of the YTC in Selby. They hit the road 12 times. The Lady Wolverines play four games in Herreid, five in Selby and the rest on the road.

The Cheyenne-Eagle Butte boys have the longest season away from the home digs. The Braves hit the road 15 times and have just five home games. The Lady Braves are a little more balanced with nine home and 11 road games.

The Lady Midgets have the rough schedule in McLaughlin, though neither team reaches half their games at home. The Lady Midgets play six at home and 14 on the road, while the Midgets play eight home games and hit the road 13 times.

The Dupree boys are the only team outside Mobridge with double-digit home games (not counting tournament games). The Tigers have 10 home dates and, oh look here, 10 home games. The girls are home eight times with 12 road games.

McIntosh is pretty balanced. The boys play eight of 19 games at home. With the first two rounds of the YTC at home, the girls will play nine of their 20 games at home.

With the first two rounds of the boys’ YTC in Timber Lake, the Panthers get 10 homes games with nine road dates. The Lady Panthers are home just six times this season.

Because their numbers are low, and the kids on the teams are quite young, the Wakpala ball clubs are playing just 14-game schedules this season, but they got them right. Both the Sioux and the Lady Sioux play schedules with seven home and seven away games this season.

So enjoy this season in the friendly confines, Mobridge-Pollock fans. The repercussions of heavy home-filled season usually means the next season will be spent driving and driving and driving.

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