JAY DAVIS: ‘Fishing Tigers’ providing walleye for elderly, shut-ins


Did you know that Mobridge-Pollock High School has a fishing team? I bet you didn’t. I didn’t know about it until last week.

“The main reason this club is happening is because, as friends within the school, we find fishing to bring us closer to each other and nature,” said MPSH Fishing Tigers club president, Lucas Ulmer. “Throughout this club experience, we will be completing tasks and challenges that range from cleaning up parks to entering in a fishing tournament.”

The challenges are sponsored in part by Berkley. The Berkley Fishing Challenge is a way of promoting fishing with youth throughout the nation. High school clubs are able to compete for prizes sponsored by the company.

The Mobridge Fishing Tigers are not just competing in a tournament; they are running one. The first “Fishing Tigers” ice tourney will be held on Sunday, Jan. 4, the weekend before the Mobridge Ice Fishing Tournament. It is a fundraiser to help the club raise money for club activities. The public is invited to compete in the tournament. Official applications can be found at www.outdoors101project.com. and are also available at Bridge City Bait and Jerry’s Pawn Shop.

The Fishing Tigers are already 20 strong in this their inaugural season. MHS science teacher Marty Looyenga is the team’s “coach.”

Another exciting project the Tigers have is for the holiday season. The team members will be delivering walleye filets to shut-ins and the elderly from Dec. 31 and Jan. 5. Anyone who would like the filets delivered can call 845-5290. Please wait until evenings to make the call for your requests.

This is a brand-new venture in South Dakota high schools, but Mobridge-Pollock is not alone. There are a couple more teams already started.

It wasn’t long ago that South Dakota did not crown state baseball or soccer champions. Maybe one day in the not-so-far future, the MPHS Fishing Tigers can win the state walleye title.

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