JAY DAVIS: Moms’ emotions on display as wrestling sons compete


The excitement level at Mobridge-Pollock High School Gymnasium reached epic proportions midway through Saturday afternoon. It was the kind of excitement that makes people die-hard fans of high school sports.

If you weren’t in the gym for the Region 4B wrestling, you missed it and you’ll never get it back.

The home crowd was tense and on edge with four Tiger wrestlers coming up and all four needing a win to reach their goal of earning a spot in the State B Wrestling Tournament.

The noise rose like thunder coming from a storm as it made its way across the Missouri River breaks. From Lucas Martin through Jayson Van Vugt and Teddy Lopez to Camerin Davis, the Mobridge throng yelled and screamed, yipped and clapped and rose to its feet in appreciation as one by one, the Tiger wrestlers earned their spots on the state roster.

Somehow I was able to tear myself away from the excitement on the mats and pay attention to some of the wrestlers’ mothers. Moms are deep at the heart of every wrestler. Moms wear the burden of their children in a much different manner than dads. Their sons’ successes are carried deep inside.
While dads are intense during their son’s match, hollering encouragement and instruction, moms are deeply fraught with emotion and worry.

In these pictures you can see the emotions of three wrestling moms.

Sharon Martin, mother of Lucas Martin, breaks into a full sob after Lucas earns his trip to state.

Darae Van Vugt, mother of Jayson Van Vugt, comes flying off her seat in celebration of Jayson’s win.

Erica Davis, mother of Camerin Davis, looks like she could be sick early in Camerin’s match.

At the State B Wrestling Tournament this weekend, there will be more than 400 moms bearing that same weight.

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