KATIE ZERR: Santa, adults need help too


Each year millions of children across the globe write letters to Santa, asking him to grant them their Christmas wishes.
Santa will sometimes also indulge the older children he has known for years, if they have been exceptionally good throughout the year.
With that in mind, I would like him to think about granting a few wishes for me in hopes we can avoid some of the slip-ups that caused uproars throughout the year.
Dear Santa:
As I have been exceptionally good this year (I can explain a couple of the things about which I am sure you are curious. None of those were my fault Santa. Honest!) I humbly submit my wish list to you.
First Santa, could you please fix Twitter so it quits getting people into so much trouble? I know it would be easier to fix the system than it would be to fix all the idiot people who tweet whatever comes to mind at the time and then regret it when the Twitter-sphere explodes. For example recently a public relations exec on her way to South Africa decided this was an appropriate tweet “Going to Africa. Hope I don’t get AIDS. Just kidding. I’m white!”
Of course, the Internet conglomerate for which she worked soon parted ways with her.
Could you try and fix Twitter so stupid tweets just keep returning to the sender until they realize how idiotic they are?
Also Santa, would it be possible for you to install electric shock collars on executives of upscale clothing companies that think it is proper to tell the world only a certain class or size of people are welcome to purchase their clothing?
I think after a few good shocks when senseless, cruel drivel comes out of their mouths, they might learn not to even think those thoughts.
At the top of that list, I would put Lululemon Athletica  founder and chairman Chip Wilson, who, after the company got flack for the see-through yoga pant debacle, said some women with less-than-stellar bodies shouldn’t be wearing Lululemon’s yoga apparel in the first place. Also, could you give Abercrombie & Fitch CEO Mike Jeffries an extra little shock for his attitude that his company need not carry XL or XXL women’s clothing, because it wants to cater to the “cool kids?”
Santa, would it be possible for you to turn the light on in the minds of those overzealous people who jump on every incident and twist it around to make it a national crisis?
Really Santa, it is getting tiring listening to the same people get in front of the camera and proclaim that those who don’t think like they do are trying to tromp on their rights.
This is a nation made up of different races, religions and political beliefs. Why do some people believe that those who do not share the same beliefs they do should not have the right to speak their minds?
Democracy will only work when open and honest discussions by people of differing minds are allowed. If knee-jerk reactions were replaced with respect for another’s opinion and respect for individuals that are different, we could avoid the uproar.
Just because one segment of our society disagrees with another lifestyle or religious beliefs it doesn’t mean they should be demonized.
So Santa, if you could put the light in the eyes of those zealots on the left and right to allow good, honest discussion and intellectual exchange in order for our country to move forward, it would do us all a world of good.
Lastly Santa, could you leave a little message to the adult masses this Christmas as you make your rounds?
Remind them the children are watching. They hear and see everything we adults do and they emulate it.
Remind those adults they are forming our youth. Intolerance and hate are not what we want our children to learn.
Thanks Santa,
As always, I will strive to be better next year.

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