Six Tigers use home mats to qualify for state meet

By Jay Davis
The home crowd grew louder and louder as four straight Tigers won win-or-go-home matches to qualify for state at the Region 4B Wrestling Tournament at Mobridge-Pollock High School Gymnasium on Saturday.“Holy cow that was a great run,” said coach Spencer Novotny. “It was a great home environment. The crowd was erupting and the kids fed off it.”

The wrestlers coming through the loser’s bracket to earn their tickets to state almost overshadowed the region title won by Collin Jensen.

Jensen ran his season record to 41-0 and dismantled three opponents in winning the region title. He pinned Todd VanderMay of Bennett County in 59 seconds and Gavin DeVries of Philip at the 1:54 mark before sticking Jess Oliver of Lemmon-McIntosh at 1:26 for the title.

Jensen will take on Reis Rittel of Miller-Highmore in the opening round at state. Rittel is 13-9 on the season.

Brady Spiry earned his berth at state before the fireworks by winning his first two matches and taking second at 195 pounds. Spiry pinned Bernard Mabin of Hot Springs at 1:26 and edged Clay Seidler of Custer 4-3 in the semifinals. He ran into number one ranked Ryne Baier of Harding County in the championship and was pinned at 1:47.

Spiry (26-15), drew 34-8 Nathan Gruis of Tri-Valley in the first round at state.

And now back to the exciting run in the second round of wrestlebacks.

Lucas Martin, Jayson Van Vugt, Teddy Lopez and Camerin Davis were all one loss from coming up short of their goal. All four knew they had to win to compete in Rapid City. All four came through with flying colors.

Martin started the run at 160 pounds. He got the place fired up with an 8-2 win over Tanner Radway of Philip Area. Van Vugt was next at 170 pounds. The crowd got a little louder when he pinned Cody Pekron of Hot Springs at 2:20.

The MPHS gym was at full tilt for the next two matches. First, Lopez was in a back-and-forth match with Mario Lupercio when he put the Hill City wrestler on his back for a pin at 3:05. Next, Davis put Cade Larson of Stanley County (who beat Davis 2-0 in the district tourney) to the mat for a pin at the 3:56 mark.

The success did not carry over into the into the finals as only Martin was able to win his last match and claim third place, but Martin’s win was a revenge match that gave the Tiger faithful one more reason to get loud and proud. Martin beat Seth Ireland of Bennett County 7-3 in the third-place match after Ireland had pinned Martin in the opening round.

Martin (47-9) will face Blasé Vanecek of Bon Homme (34-9) in the first round on Friday.

Van Vugt (13-10) drew coach Novotny’s cousin, Tate Novotny of Winner (38-5) in the opener.

Lopez (23-8) will go up against Tanner Broughton of Canton (37-8).

Davis (18-21) will face off against Evan Smith of Lyman (37-6).

A tough early tournament put the Tigers in need of some heroic wrestling to get back to the state-qualifying matches. Martin and Van Vugt lost their first matches. Lopez and Davis fell in the second round.

“We wrestled bad in the first round,” said Novotny. “They showed a lot of heart and character to fight back and get in.”

The Tigers will try to create more magic at the State B Wrestling Tournament at the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center in Rapid City. The action starts at 10 a.m. on Friday.

Novotny said he had thoughts that cannot be omitted after such a successful day of wrestling and hosting the Region 4B tournament.

“I have to thank everyone who helped with the tournament,” said Novotny. “We got lots of compliments on running the tournament, the kids were happy, the coaches were happy and the environment was great.”


Region 4B Wrestling Tournament

Team Scores: Philip Area 155.5, Bennett County 87.5, Hot Springs 85, Custer 84, Mobridge-Pollock 83, Stanley County 80, Newell 73.5, Gettysburg 60.5, Lemmon-McIntosh 52, Harding County 48.5, Hill City 47, St. Thomas More 20, Sully Buttes 17, Red Cloud 3.

106 Pounds

Championship: Nick Donnelly, Philip Area defeated Brice Harkless, Hot Springs, 8-0.

Third Place: Garrett Rausch, Gettysburg, defeated Dirk Wolf, Lemmon-McIntosh, 9-5.

Semifinals: Donnelly pinned Daniel Slama, Stanley County, :12; Harkless defeated Wolf, 4-2 OT.

Second Round Wrestlebacks: Wolf pinned Ryan Krump, St. Thomas More, 2:22; Rausch defeated Slama, 11-1;

First Round Wrestlebacks: Krump pinned Lane Schuelke, Newell, 2:33; Rausch pinned Adam Hahn, Bennett County, :45.

First Round: Donnelly pinned Schuelke, 3:58; Slama defeated Krump, 15-0; Wolf pinned Hahn, 1:04; Harkless defeated Rausch, 15-4.

113 Pounds

Championship: Dominick Schooler, Hill City, pinned Josh Simunek, Hot Springs, 1:06.

Third Place: Jed Brown Philip Area, pinned Lukas Chase, Stanley County, 4:31.

Semifinals: Simunek defeated Miles Kirk, Custer, 11-8; Schooler defeated Brown, 21-8.

Second Round Wrestlebacks: Brown defeated Cameron Voorhees, Newell, 2-0; Chase pinned Kirk, 3:52.

First Round Wrestlebacks: Voorhees defeated Skyler Leesman, Sully Buttes, 7-0; Chase pinned Jake Carmody, Mobridge-Pollock, 4:11.

First Round: Siomunek defeated Voorhees, 6-2; Kirk pinned Leesman, 1:44; Schooler pinned Carmody, 2:36; Brown defeated Chase, 11-56.

120 Pounds

Championship: Marshall Swanson, Hill City, defeated Chasen Cole, Custer, 3-0.

Third Place: Grady Carley, Philip, pinned Brody Schatz, Gettysburg, 2:04.

Semifinals: Swanson pinned Carley, :55; Cole defeated Schatz, 12-1.

Second Round Wrestlebacks: Schatz defeated Patrick Wilson, Lemmon-McIntosh, 12-2; Carley defeated Riley Thelen, Stanley County, 9-8.

First Round Wrestlebacks: Wilson defeated Jaden Madison, Mobridge-Pollock, 12-0; Thelen defeated Westley Greenough, Hot Springs, 8-4.

First Round: Swanson pinned Madison, 2:43; Carley pinned Wilson, :55; Schatz defeated Greenough, 7-0; Cole pinned Thelen, 1:44.

126 Pounds

Championship: Sam Ireland, Bennett County, defeated Casey Heninger, Stanley County, 7-3.

Third Place: Jacob DeSersa, Hot Springs, pinned Truman Weyand, Gettysburg, 1:27.

Semifinals: Heninger defeated DeSersa, 12-8; Ireland pinned Weyand, :35.

Second Round Wrestlebacks: Weyand pinned Raedon Anderson, Philip Area, 2:14; DeSersa defeated Tabin Elmore, Custer, 15-0.

First Round Wrestlebacks: Anderson defeated Bleau Hoge, Lemmon-McIntosh, 7-0; Elmore, bye.

First round: Heninger pinned Anderson, 1:03; DeSersa pinned Hoge, :47; Ireland, bye; Weyand pinned Elmore, 3:27.

132 Pounds

Championship: Lane Blasius, Philip Area, pinned Jace Everson, Gettysburg, 3:39.

Third Place: Michael Scott, Stanley County, defeated Teigan Ward, Newell, 9-5.

Semifinals: Blasius defeated Scott, 17-1; Everson defeated Ward, 6-4.

Second Round Wrestlebacks: Ward defeated Britton Hausman, Lemmon-McIntosh, 17-2; Scott defeated Jake Oberpriller, Hot Springs, 6-3.

First Round Wrestlebacks: Hausman won by forfeit; Oberpriller, bye.

First Round: Blasius pinned Hausman, :48; Scott won by forfeit; Everson, bye; Ward pinned Oberpriller, 5:40.

138 Pounds

Championship: Dakota McTaggart, Newell, defeated Wyatt Harrowa, Stanley County, 5-4.

Third Place: Cole Geditz, Gettysburg, defeated Reed Johnson, Philip Area, 7-5.

Semifinals: Harrowa defeated Geditz, 5-3 OT; McTaggart defeated Johnson, 15-7.

Second Round Wrestlebacks: Johnson defeated Justin Harkless, Hot Springs, 5-2; Geditz defeated Sutton Sandquist, Mobridge-Pollock, 1-0.

First Round Wrestlebacks: Harkless pinned Brent O’Dell, Hill City, :54; Sandquist pinned Blake Fryberger, Custer, 1:30.

First Round: Geditz defeated O’Dell, 18-2; Harrowa defeated Harkless, 5-1; Johnson defeated Sandquist, 8-2; McTaggart pinned Fryberger, 1:20.

145 Pounds

Championship: Seth McCann, Newell, defeated Dylan Severyn, Custer, 8-3.

Third Place: Chandlier Sudbeck, Philip Area, defeated Kelley Abbott, Sully Buttes, 2-0.

Semifinals: Severyn pinned Austin Haberer, Gettysburg, 1:51; McCann defeated Sudbeck, 9-2.

Second Round Westlebacks: Sudbeck defeated Reece Jensen, Harding County, 11-4; Abbott defeated Haberer, 2-0.

First Round Wrestlebacks: Jensen pinned Brady Hicks, Bennett County, 3:41; Abbott pinned Jackson Mossman, Hot Springs, 4:30.

First Round: Severyn defeated Jensen, 4-2; Haberer pinned Hicks, 3:06; McCann pinned Mossman, 2:26; Sudbeck defeated Abbott, 4-2.

152 Pounds

Championship: Taygen Schuelke, Newell, defeated Clint Everett Stout, Philip Area, 8-2.

Third place: Jared Harkless, Hot Springs, defeated Thomas Tolton, Stanley County, 2-0.

Semifinals: Schuelke defeated Harkless, 8-0; Stout defeated Tolton, 19-4.

Second Round Wrestlebacks: Tolton defeated Jace Anderson, Sully Buttes, 14-4; Harkless defeated Brad Hahn, Bennett County, 5-3.

First Round Wrestlebacks: Anderson pinned Casey Seidler, Custer, 1:26; Hahn pinned Luke Vogel, Gettysburg, 3:44.

First Round: Schuelke pinned Seidler, 1:39; Harkless defeated Anderson, 8-7; Stout pinned Vogel, 1:13; Tolton pinned Hahn, :50.

160 Pounds

Championship: Brady Harkless, Hot Springs, defeated Clayton Wahlstrom, Custer, 11-5.

Third Place: Lucas Martin, Mobridge-Pollock, defeated Seth Ireland, Bennett County, 7-3.

Semifinals: Wahlstrom defeated Tanner Radway, Philip Area, 9-4; Harkless defeated Ireland, 17-2.

Second Round Wrestlebacks: Ireland pinned Wayde Wieczorek, Stanley County, 4:05; Martin defeated Radway, 10-1.

First Round Wrestlebacks: Weiczorek, bye; Martin defeated Wyatt Leesman, Sully Buttes, 8-2.

First Round: Wahlstrom, bye; Radway defeated Wiezcorek, 16-0; Ireland pinned Martin, 3:58; Harkless pinned Leesman, 1:36.

170 Pounds

Championship: Tanner Eiesland, Custer, won by forfeit over Chance Knutson, Philip Area.

Third Place: Lincoln Whirlwind Horse, Bennett County, defeated Jayson Van Vugt, Mobridge-Pollock, 4-3.

Semifinals: Knutson defeated Whirlwind Horse, 13-5; Eiesland pinned Cody Pekron, Hot Springs, 1:22

Second Round Wrestlebacks: Van Vugt pinned Pekron, 2:20; Whirlwind Horse defeated Dylan Hill, Sully Buttes, 6-2.

First Round Wrestlebacks: Van Vugt pinned Dillon Nelson, Newell, 2:20; Hills pinned Ty Seidel, Lemmon-McIntosh, 2:40.

First Round: Whirlwind Horse defeated Van Vugt, 7-2; Knutson pinned Nelson, 1:07; Eiesland pinned Seidel, :50; Pekron defeated Hill, 8-7.

182 Pounds

Championship: Dalton McCollam, Bennett County, pinned Witt Dobesh, St. Thomas More, :42.

Third Place: Cody LaCompte, Stanley County, pinned Teddy Lopez, Mobridge-Pollock, 1:47.

Semifinals: Dobesh pinned Lopez, 1:33; McCollam pinned LaCompte, 2:22.

Second Round Wrestlebacks: LaCompte pinned Tyrelle O’Donnell, Red Cloud, 2:00; Lopez pinned Mario Lupercio, Hill City, 4:05.

First Round Wrestlebacks: O’Donnell, bye; Lupercio, Hill City, defeated Joe Zwetig, Newell, 16-4.

First Round: Dobesh, bye; Lopez pinned O’Donnell, 1:22; LaCompte defeated Lupercio, 19-4; McCollam defeated Zwetig, 15-0.

195 Pounds

Championship: Ryne Baer, Harding County, pinned Brady Spiry, Mobridge-Pollock, 1:47.

Third Place: Clay Seidler, Custer, defeated Logan Ammons, Philip Area, 15-2.

Semifinals: Baer pinned Ammons, 1:53; Spiry defeated Seidler, 4-3.

Second Round Wrestlebacks: Seidler defeated C.J. Gilliland, Sully Buttes, 5-1; Ammons pinned Bernard Mabin, Hot Springs, 2:27.

First Round Wrestlebacks: Gilliland pinned Eileen Stover, Red Cloud, 1:59; Mabin, bye.

First Round: Baer pinned Stover, :29; Ammons pinned Gilliland, 3:55; Seidler, bye; Spiry pinned Mabin, 1:26.

220 Pounds

Championship: Collin Jensen, Mobridge-Pollock, pinned Jess Oliver, Lemmon-McIntosh, 1:26.

Third Place: Gavid Devries, Philip Area, pinned Todd Vander May, Bennett County, :56.

Semifinals: Oliver pinned Jim Greene, Hot Springs, 3:04; Jensen pinned Devries, 1:54.

Second Round Wrestlebacks: Devries pinned Scott Two Bulls, Red Cloud, 2:45; Vander May defeated Greene, 4-3.

First Round Wrestlebacks: Two Bulls pinned Trevor Gress, Harding County, 3:06; Vander May won by forfeit.

First Round: Greene pinned Gress, :25; Oliver pinned Two Bulls, 2:00; Jensen pinned Vander May, :59; Devries won by forfeit.k

285 Pounds

Championship: Tate Gress, Harding County, pinned Brody Peterson, Lemmon-McIntosh, 1:46.

Third Place: Sawyer Rous, Bennett County, defeated Camerin Davis, Mobridge-Pollock, 7-0.

Semifinals: Gress defeated Rous, 20-4; Peterson pinned Davis, :51.

Second Round Wrestlebacks: Davis pinned Cade Larson, Stanley County, 3:56; Rous defeated Anthony Skaleski, St. Thomas More, 3-2 OT.

First Round Wrestlebacks: Larson, bye; Skaleski defeated Justin Pekron, Hot Springs, 5-3 OT.

First Round: Gress, bye; Rous pinned Larson, 5:39; Davis defeated Skaleski, 11-9; Peterson pinned Pekron, 1:22.

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