Voters to decide on pool opt out


By Katie Zerr –

The Mobridge City Council decided on Monday, Jan. 20, to let the people chose whether or not to fund the outdoor pool project through an opt-out.

In two separate actions, the council unanimously voted to approve the opt-out and then again all members voted to let the residents decide with a vote.

With Resolution 14-02, the council, in order to raise $2.5 million for the project, voted to opt-out of the tax freeze limit in order to raise the $200,000 per year to pay for the project. The opt out is a 20-year move, which would begin with the 2014 tax payment, due in 2015.

Mayor Jamie Dietterle reiterated that the council has supported the project since the beginning and will continue to do so. He also said it is the mission of the Outdoor Pool Committee to continue to raise funds to pay down the yearly payment of the bond. This will lessen the opt out amount needed each year.

In the second vote, the council unanimously approved Resolution 14-03, which will put the opt out on the April 8 ballot.

The resolution states that the council believes it is in the best interest of Mobridge residents to have a say in the opt out and if it will be used to fund the project.

In other business the Mobridge City Council:

• Approved having part-time office employee Twyla Fritz update information pertaining to both Greenwood and the Mobridge City Cemetery into computer software purchased for that purpose. According to Mobridge Chief Finance Officer Heather Beck, the software was purchased in 2001. The staff has tried to input the information but because of their daily duties, it has not been completed. The council approved having Fritz in the office 30 hours per month until the task is complete.

• Approved a step increase for E911 dispatcher Linda Chappell effective Monday, Jan. 3.  She will move from $15.96 per hour to $16.18.

• Approved travel requests for Bill Pollock to Rapid City for a water treatment course on Jan. 27 through 31 and for Steve Gasser to attend the Department of Transportation trail funding meeting in Pierre on Feb. 12.



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