JAY DAVIS: Tigers show well at lone home match


There are years like this where we only get to see our Tiger wrestlers compete at home on one night. As you can tell, the sport of wrestling is alive and well in the Bridge City.

The Tigers put on a good show for the home folks last night. A big part of winning was the team’s depth. We haven’t always been able to say that over the last few years. There have been many more times where the weights we could not fill were the deciding factor in dual losses. But it looks like now if you want to beat the Tigers you better have a full slate of kids.

Even with all the depth, there is either coincidence or irony in the fact that the team’s two best wrestlers both weigh the same. Juniors Chase Schoenhard and David Jensen are both 195-pound grapplers. But they can’t both compete there.

This is just one of those places where wrestling makes men out of boys. Schoenhard and Jensen will be going head-to-head in practice soon to find out who will finish the season at 195 pounds and who will finish the season at 220 pounds. In another sport, you simply plug both athletes into two positions and play them side-by-side. In wrestling, an independent referee drives town to two to umpire one match. The two Tigers who are teammates and comrades in arms day in and day out will be opponents for six minutes.

This would all have been decided long ago if it were not for special circumstances. Jensen has been out most of the season with a knee injury. In fact, he did not face any live competition this season until Thursday.

No matter what happens when the two Tigers square off, the team will be better for it. The Tigers will be stronger at three weight classes with Brett Lang going from 220 to 285. Add the youngsters who are showing every time out that they are on the mat to win and the Tigers’ wrestling season is only going to get more intense and more interesting as we near the postseason.

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