Hesselburg resigns deputy assessor position


After less than a year on the job, Deputy Director of Equalization Michelle Hesselburg, submitted her two-week notice of resignation Tuesday, Feb. 4, to the Walworth County Commissioners, with her last day being Feb. 13.

After three consecutive executive sessions at the commissioner meeting, one called by the States Attorney, one called by Director of Equalization Deb Kahl and another by  Hessleburg, the commission accepted her resignation without comment.

Hesselburg was one of two deputy assessors hired by the commission in May 2013 to help bring the assessor’s office up to date with reviewing property values in the county and adjusting them to reflect current market values. Both those positions were considered to be temporary.


Brennen bill

States Attorney James Hare reported that he had received a bill from Brennan Group, the firm that was initially contacted to develop a feasibility study on the proposed jail facility. There remains a point of contention between Brennan and commissioners who perceived Brennen’s feasibility study as worthless and did not meet specs that commissioners requested. Commissioners have tried to negotiate from $10,000 to $5,000 or $2,500 to no avail. Hare will attempt to contact them and negotiate once he is able to get an answer concerning what Brennen feels is owed. Walworth County Sheriff Mohr said airfare should be minimal as they coordinated travel with work in the Bismarck/Mandan area.


Land leases

Commissioner Duane Martin served as auctioneer for the annual county land lease. Leased real estate is described as follows with the successful bidder and amount:

• 73.2 acres, situated and being in the east half of section 8 in township 124, range 76; Harley Moser $2,450.

• 80 acres situated and being in the west half of the northeast quarter of section 8, in township 124, range 75; Harley Moser, $1,500.

• 111.3 acres situated and being in the southeast quarter of section 5 in township 124, range 76: Brian Brockel, $3,650.

• 37 acres situated and being in the southeast quarter of section 5, in township 124, qnt 344 75; Rory Thorstenson, $310.

• 30 acres situated and being in tract 1 of the northeast quarter of section 36 in township 124 north, range 79 west, 5th P.M. and also containing 9.5 acres situated and being in the west 318 feet of the northeast quarter of the southwest quarter of section 46 in township 124 north, range 79 west, 5th PO.M. and also containing 7.5 acres situated and being northeast of the old ingress and egress landfill road in the north half of the southeast quarter of section 36 in township 124 north, Range 79 west 5th P.M; Ben Lamont, $850.

In other business the Walworth County Commissioners:

• Heard polling places will be open in Glenham and Hoven in the upcoming election for the citizens of those municipalities. Although it has been extremely difficult to find individuals to staff polling places, closing Hoven and Glenham has been felt to have a detrimental effect on the turnout in those areas.

• Heard that although a culvert in the Akaska area has been repaired and is fully functional, the reason the culvert failed or washed out is still unknown.

• Martin once again requested mileage logs be put in all highway department vehicles though highway superintendent Penny Goetz remained unconvinced it was necessary. Martin repeated that the commissioners are elected to be stewards of the taxpayers’ money and keeping track of what and where the county vehicles are used is one of those duties.

Goetz has suggested that Martin go through the time sheets that are supposed to reveal what projects they are working on when the vehicles are being used.

– Sandy Bond –






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