Jordan Albers makes Mobridge home


By Katie Zerr

Jordan Albers and daughter Charlee

Jordan Albers and daughter Charlee

Jordan Albers isn’t much of a cook, she said, but she does like baking cupcakes.
“Logan is really an amazing cook,” she said. “I would just rather eat his cooking.”
Jordan grew up in Parkston, which is located south of Mitchell, the daughter of Bryan and Sheri Mogck. Her father farms in Tripp, S.D. and her mother works at the Grand Falls Casino in Larchwood, Iowa. She has a younger brother, Dylan and younger sister, Madison. Growing up, she remembers eating mac and cheese and McDonald’s a lot.
“We weren’t really a sit around the dinner table kind of family,” she said. “But Logan’s family is and he always makes sure there is supper on the table.”
Jordan was more into music than sports in high school, but was a cheerleader on a squad that won the coveted “Spirit of Six” award at the state tournament.
She met Logan Albers, son of Suzanne and Rhett Albers of Mobridge, while attending college at South Dakota State University.
“It was at a party. We actually didn’t get along at first,” she said. “But then we met again and things started clicking.”
They dated for three years before getting married in Jamaica in December.
She and Logan have a daughter, Charlee, who will turn 1 on Feb. 15. That is also the day the couple is planning to celebrate with a wedding reception in Mobridge. The family also has a sweet bulldog named Boozer.
The family moved to Mobridge from Sioux Falls in August, have purchased a home here, but are currently living with the Albers while updating their home.
“Logan has painted nearly every room, with two or three coats of painting,” she said. “Poor guy.”
They hope to be in their new home by the end of March.
Living with her in-laws has been easy she said. They have made her feel right at home.
“Suzanne is one of most upbeat people and she is such a great help,” Jordan said. “They are gone most weekends, so we have the house to ourselves, which is really nice.”
Jordan is employed at the Mobridge Golden LivingCenter as the staffing coordinator and Logan works with his dad at Albers and Associates. Charlee keeps them busy.
In their spare time, which they don’t seem to have much of, the couple goes to Logan’s brother Braxton’s basketball games. They are also movie buffs.
“We watch a lot of comedies. ‘Anchorman II’ was so funny,” she said. “We like scary movies, and Disney movies. “‘Frozen’ was really cute!”
Moving to Mobridge after living in Sioux Falls has taken a bit of adjustment. Jordan said she misses the convenience of having a variety of shopping options living in a small town, but loves the slower pace of a small town.
“Logan wants to be near his family and we think this a great place to raise kids,” she said. She has spent time here in the summer and can’t wait for the warmer temperatures to arrive.
“The Fourth of July and Rockin’ on the River are great,” she said. “There are a lot of things to do here in the summer. But we do need a swimming pool. We really need to get it built.”
Jordan said she is looking forward to spending time on Lake Oahe with her family and getting to know more people in the community.
She said she loves her job and the people she works with at the Golden LivingCenter and looks forward to getting settled in her new home in her new community.


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