JAY DAVIS: Struck by Beatlemania


The Winter Olympics don’t seem to have a lot to do with the world we live in. Sure, we have plenty, if not too much winter, but we are flatlanders.

That makes watching the Olympic competition a mere sideline occurrence at the Davis house. The TV is on, but we are not rapt viewers most of the time. We did watch the women’s hockey team on Monday, but son Michael fell asleep on the couch before the U.S. scored its five goals in the first period. We even watched a little curling, but gave up as soon as it was apparent the U.S. women were going to go down in defeat.

We will check in on a lot of the action from time to time. The hockey finals will be a must. The figure skating is worth a bit of a commitment as are some of the other events. But the Winter Olympics just don’t have the same appeal as the Summer Games. The Davis TV will still be there, though. The American Olympians still need the support of us back home.

Now Sunday night, that was television worth watching! Well, it was for me. My wife watched but a little. The 13-year-old had no desire to have a history lesson on what led to the songs he enjoys today. By the way, Mike is a pop music fan, but listening to the Beatles songs that basically created the pop music industry was not going to happen.

But for yours truly, the two and a half hour tribute to the Beatles was absolutely divine. I watched from beginning to end, singing along with parts of nearly every song. It didn’t really matter to me which star of today was performing which version of an old (as opposed to new ones?) Beatles song. It was really about the songs.

That is until the last half hour.

Ringo Starr can still put on a bit of a show. But he kind of looked like an old man in hip clothes entertaining the grandkids. It was a treat when he led the crowd through a family-sized version of “Yellow Submarine.”

The best was saved for last. Paul McCartney can still rock and roll! The 71-year-old from Liverpool blew up the stage with “Birthday,” “Get Back,” and “I Saw Her Standing There.”

By the time Ringo climbed on the drums and Paul sat at the piano for “Hey Jude,” I was already wondering why I wasn’t smart enough to record the entire program so I could watch it again. Well guess what? It is on again tonight. I’ll record it this time. You should, too.

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