JAY DAVIS: Monday win was proud moment for Lady Tigers


It sure felt good in the waning seconds of Monday night’s win for the Lady Tigers. I can only imagine how good the girls felt.

This win was a long time coming.

Perspective is needed.

The Lady Tigers beat Standing Rock on Feb. 11, 2013. Their next win came on Monday against that same Standing Rock team. That’s more than a calendar year and 19 games between wins.

That is hours and hours of perspiration, injuries, sickness, sore legs, tired lungs and beaten bodies. That is persevering through the lows and, well, the lows. It’s showing up every single day ready to work hard to get better. It’s being sure there is a light at the end of this long, dark tunnel. It is also traveling a road full of self-doubt, team doubt, coach doubt, “do I want to keep doing this” doubt, you-name-it doubt.

But these young ladies, these Lady Tigers, they traveled that road. They kept on fighting when at every intersection the other team was given the right of way. They battled up hill and up hill and up hill, ever plowing forward, adversity be damned.

And then they won! And when the girls won, they won with class. There was no jumping around and acting like they had just won the state title. There was not a pile of maniacs, hugging and crying tears of joy.

Of course, there was a little celebrating. You can’t spend a year working for one win and not feel the chips fall off shoulders and the ghosts of losses drifting away. But when the few moments of hugs and high-fives were over, the Lady Tigers simply lined up and shook hands with their fellow combatants.

You can be sure that after leaving the court, the Lady Tiger locker room was filled with some kind of joyous celebration. It might have been everything short of swim goggles and champagne corks, but on the court, the girls acted like a team is supposed to act. They were dignified in victory.

That was the moment I was most proud of our Lady Tigers.

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